Valentine’s In December: Romantic Christmas Gifts for Your Honey

romantic christmas gifts

Going out to buy a a romantic Christmas present for your lover has its benefits: You fire up the passion again. You pleasantly surprise your spouse. You make Christmas a very special day for you two. And who knows, you might get something *very* special in return! Make it feel like Valentine’s Day in a snowy month.

Feel free to check this list of romantic gift ideas that will make your Christmas a bit warmer than others.

BoldLoft “Say I Love You” Couple Pillowcases

This set of pillowcase shows love finds way. This is such a romantic gift you can give your partner or a couple this coming Christmas. Love should be a two way thing. Both sides would feel love for each other. This lovely gift idea is distributed by BoldLoft. This gift item is made of cotton and polyester mix fabric. Can be machine washed, no bleach and make sure not to iron the decoration. This gift idea features 2 boldly contrasting black and white stick figures that send a love message using cans and strings.

Player 1 and Player 2 Hoodies

This gift idea is Seussian-inspired apparel. These are pullover hoodies for video games. Actually it is also a perfect gift for couples. Love can also be a game you can’t play the game alone. You have to have your 2nd player to help you out. This cute and romantic gift idea is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. They are soft and comfortable to wear.

I Love You Poem” Frame with Bear

A romantic gift idea is not only for Valentine’s Day, it can also be given eve on Christmas. This gift idea comes with a cute 8” plush teddy bear and a framed love poem for your beloved. This huggable brown teddy bear is looks even adorable with a brown satin bow. The love poem is presented in a lightweight acrylic frame with a romantic ocean view, this can be displayed somewhere easy to see, so whenever you misses each other, there is something you can look at to.

Couples Romantic Nights Gift Basket

It can be given even it is not Valentine’s Day. This gift set comes with massage oils, aromatherapy candles, couples-themed games and activities, chocolates, truffles and tasty treats. Spend the Christmas Eve together in a romantic and aromatic night. There is a lot of cool stuff that comes with this gift package. Celebrate Christmas in a romantic way. Enjoy the Christmas Eve with each other’s arms. You couldn’t wait for your partner to open this Christmas gift!

Swans Music Box

Beautiful swans that looks like they are about to kiss. This romantic jewelry box is a perfect Christmas gift. It is beautifully hand crafted with top quality materials. The interior part of this romantic jewelry box is in lined with a soft deep red velvet fabric that protects the jewelries inside it. It will be more romantic if you add a ring inside it. Your beloved will be surprised with it. The music that this jewelry box plays adds a romantic ambiance. It feels like Valentine’s Day in December.

Couple Water Fountain

A romantic addition to your garden will definitely invite the romance on Christmas day and even every day. This lovely garden piece looks like a young couple caught in the spring shower but mindlessly noticed the rain because they are so occupied by each other’s presence. This scene brings out the romance between the two of you. This is really a romantic gift for someone you love this Christmas.

Complete Solar System Necklace

Like what was mentioned in one of the Backstreet Boy’s song …”I wish I can give the world to you… But love is all I have to give to you…” it is actually possible you can even give your loved one the whole solar system with this lovely Solar System necklace. It funny yes but what you are trying to imply with this gift is you will try everything that is possible just to show the one you love their worth and how much you love her. This is a unique and romantic Christmas gift idea. Just don’t try to sing that song if you haven’t practiced it yet!

Intertwined Kissing Giraffe Figurine Statue

A whimsical figurine made from Polyresin is a nice Christmas gift. But it is even nicer because this is a romantic figurine that shows an intertwined giraffe trying to kiss each other. It has a lovely finishing with a look of hand carved wood. It is perfect for display in the living area or on top of a coffee table. This figurine gracefully displays their love for each other. This is such a lovely gift this Christmas or even on any occasion.

Titanium Magnetic Bracelet for Couple

Besides being romantic because both of you have the same style, this also promotes good health for both of you. It reduces muscle tension and increases your flexibility for injury prevention. It can also reduce fatigue and stress and enhances your body to perform at your most. This gift idea can also alleviate discomfort and helps improve sleep. This is really a great gift to give someone you love so dear.

Couple’s Watches

This pair of lovely and stylish wrist watch makes a perfect gift for loving couples. It is indeed a romantic gift idea this Christmas. It really shows that both of you belongs to each other. You have the same taste and style. You really belong to each other. This wonderful gift idea is made of high quality stainless steel and it displays analog time for a classic look. It also uses Japanese Quartz for a precise time. This is such a nice gift for your loved one. It is going to be a romantic Christmas ahead of you.

Even though it is Christmas it doesn’t mean you can’t be romantic to your spouse or partner. You can make it a Valentine’s Day in December. Make this Christmas more romantic. Spend this special day with someone that is so dear to you. Just what they say… “Share love on Christmas Day.”

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