The Rules of Regifting the Stuff You Do Not Need (Or Want)

regifting rules

On your wedding day, family and friends would gift you several presents and to your surprise you would see five pairs of blenders, ten coffee makers, eight cooking sets and the list goes on.  Do you really need to use all of these same items at the same time?

Most people would keep them until forever but is that really a good thing to do?  If you would ask me, I prefer to re-gift items that I have no use of.  These items might find a home and be useful to others instead of sitting around in your storage room.

This is where re-gifting comes to mind.  But is re-gifting tacky or rude?  According to Louise Fox, director of Protocol Solutions re-gifting WAS considered rude in the previous eras.  But even today, re-gifting is still unacceptable but it depends on the situation, she added.   According to Feng Shui, re-gifting or recycling gifts is a no-no.  Unless, re-gifting would break a curse or a bad luck, that’s the only time that re-gifting would be tolerable.  They also added that a gift symbolizes friendship, therefore if you are re-gifting a present that means you are giving away the relationship and the symbol is not that significant to you.  The gift is given to you and you should keep it and that is the appropriate thing to do.  Is that really practical?

Re-gifting can be classified as rude and unacceptable if the re-gifter gives the present without considering factors or reasons.  Sometimes, re-gifter sends these gifts because they don’t want or need them just for the sake of unloading them.  If you have found the gift that seem a trash to you, do you think that the next giftee would appreciate it?  So, because of these we have gathered the causes of re-gifting that makes the act acceptable.

Here are some of the rules I personally follow then I regift things I do not need (or want):

1. First, the present must be new, never played with, never washed, worn or tried out, undamaged packaging together with the warranty if there is one, unopened and up to date.   Up to date that is, it’s this year’s brand new and not of last ten years etc.

2. If the gift is unique or unusual, ensure that the re-giftee and the person who gifted this to you are not related or will never cross their path.  To be sure, there are at least two degrees of separation between the original giftor and your giftee, and make sure the person does not know anyone who is present when you received your gift. There should be a vast distance between them and to avoid contact and to prevent hurting their feelings.

3. An item idling around your closet or storage room for quite some time, although unused should never be presented as a brand new gift.  You can give them to someone as it is, without pretending that you just bought this item for them as a gift.

4. Never give a gift that you despise to avoid spending.  Your gift is the reflection of your personality. You don’t want to be tagged as pervert or cheap, aren’t you?

5. Personalized presents are meant for you and should never be re-sent to someone else.  Handmade items especially made for you are painstakingly done by the sender for your enjoyment.  No matter how uninterested you are to the sender or to this personalized gift it is still unacceptable to re-gift this item and unethical as well.

6. Make sure that you have properly wrapped the gift before re-sending them.  It is unlikely that the receiver of your re-gift would figure your secret out if they would see the original gift card for this item. Also, check for old price tags.

7. You may announce that the gift is re-sent to the receiver only if it adds distinction or value to the present. Good examples of this are handing down a mother’s engagement ring to a fiancée or giving your daughter your favorite jewelries because it has brought you good luck.

Gifts no matter how much its worth would have a specific value in our lives.  Some may be considered unwanted or unneeded and re-gifting comes to mind.  The main decision to re-gift or not to re-gift would still be the recipient’s call.  Care, consideration and respect should be considered before you decide.

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