The Best Second Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

Time passes by so fast! You are already at your second wedding anniversary. Congratulations! Time passes quickly when you are enjoying each other’s presence. You wouldn’t notice time passing if you are with someone you truly love.

Cotton is the traditional gift for 2nd anniversaries, you can still follow it but maybe you can put a twist on it or you can just try other gift ideas too!

Here are some suggestions of gifts that your wife might love to have on your anniversary. As a wife I know she will enjoy these gift ideas. Take a look and do not be scared to try new things. Think outside the box.

Sunset Sailing Cruise

Your wife will surely enjoy a spectacular view as you sail with her. Catch the romantic sunset and give her another ring as you renew your vow and strengthen your promise to spend eternity with her.

No one can resist this romantic getaway at sea. While she is looking at an amazing view, kneel down and give her your promise while you put that ring on her finger, just like the time you put that wedding ring on her, this is going to be the most romantic anniversary gift you give her.

Diamond Solitaire Ring

Renew your vow every year, propose to her as often as you can. That is the sweetest way of showing your love to your wife. Women love to be treated this way. We want to be pampered, treated well and be told how much our husband love us.

This is a ½ Carat diamond ring, crafted in 10 Carat White Gold. A special woman deserves a special gift. You can combine this gift idea with some other gifts like a cotton bathrobe and put that ring inside its pocket, or insert it in a long stemmed rose. She will be delighted to have this gift.

This will definitely become her favorite shirt! Made by Hanes, this Comfort Soft T-shirt has a good and relaxing fit. This is just a part of the gift idea, you can add a bangle to tie it with or a mug with a “I Love You” note and insert the shirt in it. Isn’t that sweet?

Heart Bangle Bracelet

This bangle bracelet has heart shaped filigree design and cubic zirconia gems that gives it a very vibrant look. It is made of gold plated sterling silver. It measures 2 ½” in diameter and 1″ wide. You can wrap it around a T-shirt like I suggested earlier or maybe you can use the gift box that comes with it. Be creative and think out of the box. Do not shy away from being extra romantic on your 2nd wedding anniversary.

Time Travel (Through the Use of Photos) and a Personal Chef Dinner

Invite your friends and surprise your wife on your 2nd anniversary gift. Gather all the pictures you have from the time you met her and let her travel in time. Frame the photos and align them on a pathway in chronological order. As she walks with you, she will see each photo, each reminding her of an important event in your relationship. To top off this special event, have a wonderful meal that is specially prepared by a personal chef at the end of the walk. Pick a nice venue and ask help from your friends to help set up this romantic surprise for her.

Personal Chef Dinner

Gondola Dinner Cruise for 2

A dinner date is the most classic gift idea in every anniversary. It is almost an expected event. But a dinner cruise? I don’t think so. It sounds so romantically beautiful to spend a wonderful dinner in a cruise with someone you love. Enjoy a fabulous meal by Sunset & Vines Restaurant complete with a bottle of champagne or sparkling cider. Experience a beautiful and romantic waterfront dinner while floating on a wonderful gondola.

Couples Wine and Painting Class

This is another out-of-the-box anniversary gift idea! This is a one-of-a-kind activity, that includes an expert instructor who will teach the both of you the right brushstroke techniques as you love birds work together to create a romantic masterpiece. Included in the price is a bottle of wine, fresh flowers, all the supplies for your art piece and the services of the art instructor.

If you want to just stay at home, relax and spend the day together on your anniversary, you can still make it special and romantic. Get two of these aprons, prepare a dinner for the both of you, and grab a bottle of wine. Cook your dinner together wearing this apron. It is simple but a fun and romantic way to spend a day on your 2nd wedding anniversary.

Two Dozen Premium Long Stem Red Roses

Express you everlasting love for her! Present her with two dozen long stemmed roses. Have them delivered so she thinks you won’t be home. Then surprise her. Ring the doorbell and when she opens the door you are holding a ring for her. Imagine how romantic that will turn out.

Know that your wife is dying to find out her anniversary gift so make sure you leave no clues of your plans. Good luck to you and I wish you a happy 2nd wedding anniversary celebration in advance.

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