Top Second Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Him

Great! You are about to celebrate your second anniversary. You are both getting along with married life and you grow more comfortable with each other as years pass by. Maybe that is why the traditional symbol for a 2nd anniversary is cotton. Cotton is known to be a material that is versatile.

Most products made of cotton are durable and good quality. To have a successful marriage, a couple should have strong trust and love for each other like the durability of a cotton.

This is also a good guide for you to decide on the best anniversary gift for your husband. Look at this list of suggestions of gifts that he might love to have. I have personally given these gifts during my anniversaries and I have been married for a decade now. I hope you too can reach that milestone. Happy Anniversary!

Husband Anniversary T-shirt and A Coffee Mug (And You Wearing “He Still Gives Me Butterflies” Shirt)

Start his day full of surprises, with this gift idea. Put the shirt in the coffee mug; leave a note or an anniversary card with it. This anniversary t-shirt is made of cotton which is a traditional symbol for 2nd anniversaries and it has the phrase “The Best Husband”. Well, you wouldn’t be on your 2nd anniversary if he wasn’t, right? He will surely be touched by this simple but sweet gift idea. The silly looking coffee mug will also add sweetness on your cute surprise. It has two monkeys holding hands that reflects how happy you are with him. It would be awesome if you are wearing a matching shirt, too. A life of marriage doesn’t need to be too serious. You have to put humor in it so you both won’t be bored and tired.

Romantic Bath for Both of You (Candles, Essential Oils and Rose Petals)

Put romance in your bathroom. Fill the tub with water, scatter rose petals from your bedroom door to your bathtub and surround it with candles to set a romantic ambiance. Be prepared for a wonderful and romantic anniversary night. Top it off by adding cinnamon essential oils to the bath. Cinnamon reminds men of romance and promotes circulation of blood to his pelvic area. *wink*. This is a fantasy every guy dreams of.

Calvin Klein Men’s Matrix Boxer

Made of 100 percent cotton, good fitting, button fly, covered waist band and machine washable boxers! These are really comfortable boxer shorts. They have relaxing fit and perfect length for all around comfort. Perfectly made for the man in your life. Some boxers are too tight… others too short. Make him wear these on your anniversary night. I wonder how long they will stay on?

SockGuy Men’s Shark Socks

Since the traditional symbol for a 2nd anniversary celebration is cotton, here is another gift idea made of cotton. Socks are the most boring gift ever but you can change them from boring to hilarious. He is tired coming home from work but seeing him wear these will definitely bring a smile on both your faces. Imagine how naughty your husband will look in them. Cottons are comfort wear just like the two of you. You give comfort to each other!

Rotenier Garnet Cufflinks

Try giving him these elegant cufflink gift made of sterling silver bearing garnets. These are handmade and designed in New York. He can use these on special occasions like weddings or even on your anniversary. You can make your anniversary night more romantic if you put them in a box, prepare a lovely dinner by candle light and dressed in your most elegant dress. You can even do it at home. There is no need for an expensive hotel dinner. Why bother when you can have your entire home just for the both of you?

Pawleys Island DuraCord Rope Hammock

Look at this adorable hammock! Imagine how comfortable he will be on it. He can use it for relaxation and both of you can spend a romantic evening looking at the stars, planning life together. This gift won’t be wasted because he will definitely love this. It is made of hand-woven Dura Cord rope, great durability for outdoor use and comes with zinc-plated steel hanging hardware for tree installation. Go and get him one now and spend a romantic anniversary night under the moon with him.

Personal Chef Dinner

Let him experience how it is to have a personal chef whip out a romantic gourmet dinner for the both of you. Chef Kahlil Wyche will personally bring the groceries to your place and cook your dinner. Romantic with a breath of fresh air!

Calvin Klein Long Sleeve and CK Classic Perfume

I personally had done this gift idea. I bought him a long sleeve shirt and his favorite CK scent. What I did was I laid them on our bed and left a note that said “See you tonight”. We both had to work that day so I made that night worth waiting for. This CK perfume gives out a very refreshing scent so maybe that is why my husband loves it. The CK long sleeve shirt made him look more attractive. It is up to you how you will make your anniversary night memorable and romantic. Use your imagination. Cheers!


What ever gift idea and surprise you pick from these suggestions, it is still up to you to make this special day memorable and romantic. But what is important is not for you to make just this certain day memorable but all the other days that both of you are together. Making your marriage bond stronger is the most important thing to remember. You have to trust each other and be comfortable with each other. Happy anniversary and may you celebrate more anniversaries together!

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