Dare To Be Naughty: Sexy Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

valentines gift for him

Experimenting with new things to ignite the fire of your relationship is a great idea. Do not be afraid to try new things. Level up your sexual prowess and make him happier in bed.

Good sex makes a strong bond. It makes him want you more. Spice up your Valentine’s Day with these sexy and hot gift ideas. Go ahead and check them out.

XXXopoly – Adult Board Game

This is definitely an adult game. It is perfect for couples who want to level up their sexual connection with each other.

This adult board game is a wonderful and sexy gift you can give him this Valentine’s Day. This game is absolutely naughty; a little sophisticated and has additional twists on the classic Monopoly. Couples learn how to create strategies to purchase their sexual spaces with various naughty foreplay throughout the game. This is really a sexy game for awesome couples.

Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy Men Eau de Toilette Spray

Make him smell irresistibly sexy. Sexy Men de toilette spray is a gift that will make your man smell more sensual than he already is.

It will make you crave for him! He will surely love the adventurous and sensual scent of this de toilette spray. Its musk, woods and citrus fragrance is a perfect scent for him so better put this gift idea in your basket. This will be a wonderful and sexy Valentine’s Day gift for him.

Sassy Pin-Up Girl Cufflinks

I find this gift idea naughty and sexy. Its exclusive design makes it more interesting and adds a touch of sexuality.

These sexy cufflinks are made from solid Sterling silver and handcrafted by Zaunick studio. It has a shiny and polished finish that looks really good. This gift idea comes with a lovely gift box just right for gift giving. It is a sexy and lovely Valentine gift for him.

Ring for Sex Handbell

With this gift idea you will always know if he is in the mood! It is a new and exciting way to let each other know if either one of you is in the mood for some fun.

This will make your intimate moments more exciting. Create codes with this hand bell. One ring of the bell to say “get ready”, two rings to say “come and get me” or three rings to say “I want it now”. It is so much fun to do this. It will add excitement to your intimate time together.

Naughty Coupons for Him

This could be the best Valentine’s Day gift ever! He will surely love this gift. Naughty coupons will make sure that his thirst will be replenished with satisfying activities with you.

It has a whole range of exciting and naughty things to do together. It is a new and exciting way to celebrate Valentine’s Day together. Both of you can have fun with this gift. Always ready to have some fun and action.

I Dare You: 30 Sealed Seductions Cards

For some erotic fun for the both of you, try this “I Dare You” game taken to the next level. This box of dares contain 30 seductive dares, each in a sealed envelope. Just pick an envelope, tear it open and take the dare. The prompts include challenges to share your fantasies and encourages exploring sexual play.

Find out new things about each other. The cards and prompts are tastefully done although some can be considered rather odd but it all just adds to the fun.

Sexy Truth or Dare: Pick-A-Stick

Seductive and full of fun, this is how I describe this naughty gift. It is a much hotter version of truth and dare with 100 exciting seductions that will fire up the night.

Your bedroom life with him will always be on fire with this wonderful gift item. He will love to play this naughty game with you every night. This is a cool and new way to enjoy your intimate time together.

Earthly Body 3 in 1 Suntouched Body Massage Candle

Find new ways to ignite the passion on your love life. He will love to have a seductive massage to start up the engine.

This unique gift has a lavender scent that can be used for massaging and for moisturizing his skin. It is made from 100% vegan and non toxic ingredients. It functions as a candle, massage lubricant and fragrance. This is a 3-in-1 gift idea that will benefit both of you.

The Sexy Little Book of Sex Games

This gift idea is a great Valentine gift that is not only for the month of hearts but for your entire relationship. It is a guide of having fun together. It is packed with spicy ideas that will tune up his mood during intimate times.

Level up your sex activity with your partner. Spice it up and have fun. Explore and do not be afraid to try new things together. A happy sex life brings a happy relationship. This guide is perfect in giving him fresh ideas to light up the fire every time you spend intimate times together.

Sex Checks: 60 Checks for Maintaining Balance in the Bedroom

Money may not buy you love but these checks may be your ticket to great sex. These playful checks are a great way for him to let you know what he really wants especially if he is the shy type.

Checks range from mild back rubs to naughty sexual flavors. Each check even has various options so that he can tailor his requests when making his check redemption. The check book is very nicely put together and very well designed. It has both IOUs and UOMEs so you get to benefit out of it as well.

Kama Sutra Stimulating Pleasure Balms

A stimulating balm made specially for him. It creates a wonderful stimulating feeling that will get both of you going all night long.

The balm creates a tingling sensation that gets you both to your climax. It can be use to desensitize you to keep going and enjoy a passionate night with your partner. It comes in different flavors such as raspberry cream, spearmint and strawberry and champagne. He will surely love this gift.

Don’t be afraid to try new and fun things to make your intimate time with him more passionate and hot. Spice up both of your sex life with these gift ideas. It will definitely make you both enjoy the each other’s company. Try them all!

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