Five Cool Shamrock Gift Ideas for the Guys

st patrick gifts for him

Shamrock is the chosen national emblem of Ireland. This is so because St. Patrick has used this plant in his teachings about the Holy Trinity. With the help of this plant, Saint Patrick was able to demonstrate the significance of God’s oneness in three personas. This plant was then considered and believed by Irish to bring luck and people the world over have followed this belief since.

Gift giving is done especially if there is an occasion to celebrate. Since Saint Paddy’s Day is fast approaching, you can celebrate and use this holiday to exercise your thoughtfulness and show your love and care to your better half, dad, brother or guy friend. There are a wide variety of gifts to choose from in the market and it may be a difficult task to figure out what to give. We have listed the top five shamrock gift ideas for guys to help you out. Check them out below and pick the perfect shamrock themed gift for Saint Patrick’s Day.

Shamrock Cufflinks

This gift is ideal for the guy who works in the office or who is always in corporate attire. The shamrock design on the cufflink is very appropriate for St. Patrick’s Day. It is believed that shamrocks bring good luck to people so why not give this emblem and grant him good luck too?

Cufflinks adds a dramatic detail to men’s clothing. You can make look even smarter in his clothes with these four leaf clover cufflinks. A four leaf clover is quite rare as it is stated that there are 10,000 3 leaf clovers for every single 4 leaf clover. You need not to look further for an affordable and useful gift that could bring good luck and some Irish spirit on Saint Patrick’s Day.

Shamrock Clover Leather Necklace

Do you have a fashionista guy friend who loves to mix and match? Or do you have someone in mind who loves to put on some bling every once in a while? Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, this leather necklace with a shamrock pendant is well suited for your fashionista and bling lover friend.

It is made from genuine leather and the shamrock pendant is made from high quality lead and nickel free metal. This stylish necklace will definitely bring your recipient happiness and luck on Saint Patrick’s Day.

Shamrock Necktie

A white collared worker’s wardrobe does have to be boring and plain. You can gift this Saint Patrick’s Day Shamrock Necktie to your young professional friend or someone you know who loves to suit up. The Shamrocks bring life to the tie and it is a Saint Patrick’s Day surprise indeed.

This tie has a black background with a scattered pattern of Shamrocks. It is fifty six inches long and is four inches wide at its base. This tie is made from one hundred percent polyester microfiber. It can be worn at work, on Saint Patrick’s Day parties or even while pub crawling.

If you have a friend with green eyes, this tie would definitely bring out the color of his eyes. This printed neck tie will spice up the his usual outfit. Being fashionable and trendy can go hand by hand with this Shamrock necktie. Let him rock your Saint Patrick’s Day celebration party as he suits up with this tie.

Ireland Glass German Beer Stein

Drinking sessions on Saint Patrick’s Day never seem to end. Your pub-hopping friends jump for joy for such a celebration as they maximize their drinking potential. This is an ideal gift for the beer loving drinker friend of yours. A timely gift for Saint Patrick’s Day, this German Beer Stein has a design that inspired by both Ireland and Germany, 2 great beer drinking nations.

It is made of glass and holds 0.4 liters. Gulp, gulp, and gulp on Saint Paddy’s Day with all the green beer, green whiskey and other green liquor available. Pour them up and keep it flowing. Relive your drinking sessions with friends and raise your beer mug. Don’t forget to have fun on Saint Paddy’s Day!

SockGuy Lucky Socks

Everyone wants to be lucky especially on Saint Patrick’s Day. Luck may not be easily be caught but it’s always nice to improve your chances by using lucky charms. Shamrocks are popular in the Irish culture for bringing good luck. Give good luck to your friends by gifting these lucky socks. Make their feet warm and lucky with these fashionable socks.

These socks are made from seventy five percent ultra wicking micro denier Acrylic, fifteen percent nylon and ten percent spandex. Because of its materials, cool air can flow through the mesh of the upper part of the socks and keeps the stink away. These socks have easy fit cuff and can be easily worn. It has a stretch to fit sizing feature that gives the wearer a perfect fit every time. This special feature is guaranteed to provide superb comfort and thus eliminates blisters and hot spots.

It is especially designed for Saint Paddy’s Day. The socks are black with a green shamrock. The heel and toe are also donned in green keeping with the Irish theme.

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