These Shamrock-Shaped Food Will Rock Your Friends’ Worlds

shamrock food jello shots

St. Patrick’s Day is only few days away. Have you prepared your lucky treats for your St. Paddy’s get together Party at the office? As we know, St. Patrick’s Day is not a national holiday in America, so we really need to report to work and do our routines as usual. But we can also celebrate the Irish heritage at the office by decorating it with shamrocks, leprechauns and pot of gold, rainbows and other Irish symbols that would remind us of this special day. Parties need not to be boring at the office since it’s still a working day on St. Patrick’s Day. You can prepare Shamrock Shaped foods that are easy to munch and won’t get in the way of work for the rest of the team. These shamrock shaped foods will rock your co-workers this St. Patrick’s Day. We have gathered the top ten shamrock shaped recipes that are easy to make and can be given as a gift to your friends or served on your St. Patrick’s Day party in the office.


Shamrock Jello Shots

shamrock food jello shots

On this drunken holiday of the year, you simply can’t be drunk during office hours. But in memory of the Irish tradition, you can incorporate a little amount of alcohol on your shamrock jello shots. Your boss would not notice that you have brought shots in the office with the help of these innocent looking shamrock jellos. For the detailed procedure and measurement of ingredients, kindly check out That’s So Michelle. Everyone will have a good time and you will definitely rock this St. Patrick’s Day party with these food ideas even while you are spending quality time at the office. Productivity will not be impeded since these food ideas are easily digestible and are not messy to eat. Who said that fun can only be felt in the streets? Try out these shamrock shaped foods on St. Patrick’s Day and see it for your selves.


Minty Ice Cream Shamrocks

Minty Ice Cream Shamrock Cookies 3

For the foodie people in the office, this St. Patrick’s Day inspired dessert would be a sure fire hit. The right blending of the cookies and the mint ice cream is an explosion of flavors in the mouth of the lucky co-worker. This dessert would be one of your favorites because aside from being insanely delicious, this is also very easy to prepare. Check out Grateful Prayer Thankful Heart for more details on how to make these yummy shamrock cold sandwiches and for some pointers in serving these goodies. The chocoholics and the ice cream lovers would be thrilled with this dessert.


Shamrock Cucumber Tea Sandwiches

shamrock food sandwich

We all have the healthy office mates who are really watching what they are eating for good health and to avoid extra pounds. We also have another food idea that would please this category of co-workers. You can make these shamrock sandwiches into bite sized as you see it would be necessary. For the exact measurement of the ingredients and the thorough procedure, please do check out Will Cook for Smiles.


Magical Shamrock Brownies

brownies 2

Brownies are one of the most sought after desserts of most people whether young or old. With its chewy and rich texture, the foodie would be in cloud nine in every bite. These magical shamrock brownies are very non tedious to make and as the name suggests they are magically delicious treats that would sweep your friend’s feet off. For more details, feel free to check out Simply Designing.

Easy Pull Apart Shamrock Bread

shamrock food bread

These St. Patrick’s Day inspired bread would be enjoyed by your co-workers because of its moisture and its tastiness that everyone would certainly go for. It is easy to prepare and the ingredients are not difficult to find. Check out Bacon Time With the Hungry Hypo for the detailed procedure to guide you in baking this clover treat.


Shamrock Pretzels

shamrock food pretzels

For the sweet toothed office mates, these shamrock pretzels would definitely tickle their taste buds and would make them come for more. This recipe is easy as it looks and requires only few ingredients. You can also do this as a crafty activity with your kids. Do check out Mrs. Fox Sweets for the guided procedure and for more tips to ensure the right quality and taste of these shamrock pretzels.


Shamrock Personal Pizzas

shamrock food pizza

Tell me, who doesn’t love pizza? Your co-workers would definitely rave about this personalized shamrock shaped pizzas. You can make them without fuzz and kindly check Once Upon a Cutting Board for the procedure and other variations that you can easily make out of this yummy goodness. Happy tummies would envelope your office and the staff would be filled with the Irish spirit and food.


Chocolate Studded Shamrocks

chocolate studded shamrocks

This food idea is for the chocolate lovers in the office. These scrumptious and tasty treat would blow your co-workers away as they sink their teeth on it. Despite of its pleasant look and taste, these goodies are easy to make and would not take too much of your precious time in preparation. For the exact measurement and directions, please do check out These stunning shamrock cookies are really to die for.


Lucky Spinach Quiche

This lucky shamrock shaped meal is for the co-workers who are looking forward for a lucky meal that is bursting with adaptable flavors on St. Patrick’s Day. This creatively designed dish can be done without fuzz and would be served in no time. Please do check out Diamonds for Dessert for the step by step guide in making this delicious lucky quiche for St. Patrick’s Day.


Shamrock Chips

These baked shamrock chips would do the trick. These crispy wonders would definitely wow your office mates and turn their festive spirits high on St. Paddy’s Day. For the step by step procedure on how to bake these delicious shamrock appetizers, please check out Ring Master Mom. You can also add some flavorful dips to enhance the shamrock chips experience.


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