The Best Star Trek Gift Ideas for Trekkies!

Star Trek

Star Trek has influenced a lot of people on the world of science fiction. It has been an inspiration to many great invention and technology we are enjoying now. Personally speaking I did like the idea of having multiracial casts; it opened the eye of many of not minding the differences of every being. They are even the one who televised the first ever inter-racial kiss.

No wonder why there are so many Star Trek fans out there. And if you know a Trekkie and you are looking for a perfect gift to give, you might consider looking at this list of fabulous Star Trek gift items that will surely be loved by any Star Trek fan.

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Perfect gift for all the Trekkies! This pizza cutter has a classic Star Trek design. Its saucer cutter is made of laser- etched stainless steel and the grip is made of zinc-chromium alloy. This classic design is created by Matt Jeffries. He did created a cool pizza cutter and it also uniquely suits as a pizza cutter. This cool stuff is a must for a Star Trek avid fan.

Star Trek Electronic Door Chime

How you wish that the 23rd century devices can be brought to our 21st century world? Come to think of it we are almost near the future. No needs for you to wait for another 200 years just to get these gadgets. As a Star Trek fan this gadget will really be the coolest yet. This gift item has a motion-sensitive door chime that is also modeled from the communicator panels on the Star Trek original series. It can be mounted next to your door so that when someone crosses the threshold the chime will be triggered. You can choose on two type of sound; a door opening sound or a Red Alert sound. If I were you I will choose the red alert sound just to make fun of your visitors. You want a Star Trek era then start having this wonderful door chime.

Dr. McCoy Mug

This gift idea really has an excellent quality. This large mug displays a photo of one of the famous character in Star Trek. Start collecting these mugs and complete the characters in Star Trek. This is a perfect gift for Star Trek’s huge fans. It is microwave and dishwasher safe. It adds color to your kitchen or can be collected and have a pile of Star Trek mug displaying all the characters in this classic series.

Star Trek Socks 3-pack

You want to be a part of Star Trek? Then wear the Starfleet pride on your feet. Yes, on your feet I say! A Star Trek huge fan will definitely love this 3-set of socks with Command Gold, Operations Red and Science Blue designs. These official Star Trek socks are a must have for an avid fan who wanted to be in Starfleet. Made of cotton and poly blend and best of all it is machine washable!

Captain Kirk Magnetic Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

This gift item is an addition to your Star Trek collection. Westland Giftware features Captain Kirk on Chair Magnetic Salt & Pepper Shaker Set. It is well-crafted and made of high quality ceramic design and makes a great collector’s gift. Caution: This is not dishwasher or microwave safe. Hand washing is still advised. But for a Star Trek collector I doubt that this will really be used as a salt and pepper shaker.

Star Trek Cufflinks

You couldn’t wear Star Trek t-shirt every day; you sometimes need to dress up for some occasions. There will be some times that you need to attend important meetings or Anniversary dates. But as a Star Trek fan you wouldn’t want to let go of the Star Trek spirit in you. Well good news whether you wear casual or a monkey suit, you can still have a piece of Star Trek image on you with this cufflinks. You can select on two designs: Delta Shield or Enterprise NCC-1701 but whatever you pick, you still have the Star Trek force in you!

Star Trek Materialization Sound Mug

As a true Trekkie this gift item is really a must. This will definitely be loved by an avid fan. This product is really cool in its black and gold color. It looks nice and sturdy. Its base is great too, the sound is triggered whenever you lift the mug and might stay on for around 20 seconds. It has a loud transporter sound. This gift idea is perfect for all Star Trek fan. It is dishwasher and microwave safe. Buy one for yourself too!

Star Trek Bathrobes

What a casual wear to have aboard the USS Enterprise! This is the most comfortable gift to give a Trekkie of your life. This gift idea is a soft and warm robe that has an embroidered rank and insignia department. It also comes in different designs and ranks: Gold Kirk/Command/Captain, Red Scotty/Operations/Commander and Blue Spock/Sciences/Commander. This is really a nice present to give for a Star Trek fan.

Star Trek Insignia Wall Clock

Try this gift item from one of the leading Star Trek gift item manufacturer. Westland has been the top manufacturer of cool and great gift items. This Star Trek Insignia wall clock that has a digital display it a perfect gift for a Trekkie you know. Wake up and be prepared to travel space! It has a nice simple design and made of high quality product. It makes a wonderful house décor and best of all a wonderful collection for a Star Trek fan.

Enterprise Bottle Opener

Enjoy a bottle of cold of drink the Star Trek way. This gift idea is officially licensed Star Trek Bottle Opener. It looks just like the real Enterprise NCC-1701. It is heavy duty so you won’t really worry about its durability. It works great in almost all bottles. It also comes perfectly with the Star Trek Pizza Cutter. You might consider giving both as a gift and enjoy a bottle of cold drink and a pizza party!

These are my top picks, but there are definitely a lot of good looking gift ideas for Trekkies. You might want to take a peek at Think Geek (click here to get there).

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