Superb Gift Ideas for a Retired Mom

Young adult/late teen son kissing his mother on the cheek.

Moms are wonder women who can be described with a million different adjectives. She is the only person who means a world to their children. Moms are amazingly hard-working but as they grow older, the spirit may be willing but the body is not. Yes, moms do eventually have to retire and call it a day.

When she finally decides to retire, make this event in her life a memorable one by getting her a simple token of appreciation. She may have worked all her life and now is her time to relax and not be obligated to work. In any gift giving event, the recipient’s personality need to be accounted for. Take into consideration her hobbies, how she plans to spend her free time during retirement or what makes her happy and fulfilled. If you are still puzzled on what to give Mom then see our suggestions below.

Amazon Kindle

If Mom loves reading in her free time then the perfect retirement gift for her would be an eBook reader like the Amazon Kindle. The Kindle is lighter than a standard paper back and it can store thousands of books. It is like having an entire library in a single book.

She can bring this with her anywhere she goes and she’ll never have a dull moment. The Kindle’s display reads like a paper with no glare even in bright sunlight. Books can be easily downloaded using the Kindle’s built in WiFi. The Kindle also has a built-in dictionary with instant look. Its powerful processor is tuned for fast and seamless page turns. She can even read her books in a language she prefers since it supports display of non-Latin characters.

“I’m Retired, You’re Not” Shirt

Let Mom enjoy her freedom from work while others sulk at their fate by gifting her this funny t-shirt that says, “I’m retired and you’re not! Have fun at work tomorrow.”

This t-shirt comes in multiple shades to choose from. Of course Mom has her favorite color or a color that brings out the color of her eyes so be sure to pick that. The design is printed in eco friendly ink which makes this shirt more lovable. The colors won’t fade easily because of the new age printing technology used. This t-shirt will surely be a big hit especially for the funny and hip Mom.

Greatest Blessings Framed Print

Mom is definitely the greatest blessing in our lives. Tell and show her how much you care by giving her this “Greatest Blessing” Frame. Her heart will surely be overwhelmed with warmth and great joy. You can even personalize this print by listing all her kids or grand kids.

It can be personalized with a title up to 12 characters long and up to 12 names, each 10 characters long. You can choose from blue or red print. This would be a great gift idea for Moms who love to decorate her home and for Moms who are quite sentimental too.

Open Heart Birthstone Necklace

If Mom is in your heart, then show her through this lovely open heart birthstone necklace. This adorable necklace is a representation of her family whom she treasures and loves most.

Each birthstone represents a family member and are arranged symmetrically to form an open heart. The pendant measures 22.5 mm and hangs from an 18 inch length fine rope chain. This gift is a great idea for her since Mom can wear this anywhere she goes and can be used in any occasion.

Canon PowerShot SX520

If travelling is Mom’s thing or if she loves the outdoors especially now that she is not obligated to go to work every day then a great gift for her is something that can use to document her journeys that she can easily bring along with her. This Canon digital camera is compact and easy to hold. It is very easy to use and all she has to do is to point and shoot.

Mom doesn’t need a very complicated camera to document her fun adventures outdoors. With the Canon digital camera, she can take pictures, videos and keep her memories alive. It has a powerful 42 times optical zoom with 16 megapixels high sensitivity CMOS sensor.

Mom can easily take clear and sharp photos hassle free with this camera. If Mom’s hands are a bit shaky sometimes then she need not to worry since this camera has Optical Image Stabilizer and Intelligent IS which captures the steadiest possible image.

Date Night Pottery Class (for 2+)

Treat Mom to a date night that is one of a kind. If Mom is into learning new things and a bit artsy then this will make a great event for the two of you to bond.

It will be a night to unleash Mom’s creativity and help her make a masterpiece through the use of clay and pottery. This makes a great gift for Moms who want to learn a new hobby since she has more free time now.

Facial with Foot Fantasy

On Mother’s Day, treat Mom to a relaxing experience to bring her body and mind to a state of bliss. She may be too tired working for a long time and her well deserved break has finally arrived. Reward her weary body with a relaxing and satisfying massage that she’ll enjoy.

The facial treatment will deeply hydrate and rejuvenate her skin because of the special serum and masque that will be applied followed by a facial, neck, shoulder and upper back massage to relax her. The legs will not be left out because the tension from it will be relieved through hot stone therapy, reflexology and aromatherapy.

Mom is a very dear person who has given so much but has never asked for anything in return. So on Mother’s Day, give her everything she deserves and shower her with love and appreciation. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box to steer away from the usual Mother’s Day gifts. She has more time to spare now so a great gift idea for her would be something that she can turn into a new hobby or create memories that she will cherish forever.


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