Romantic and Gorgeous Tenth Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Her

You have been together for a decade and it is really a great achievement for the both of you. As you rekindle your 10 years of romance, let it be an opportunity to commit yourselves to stay together for another decade or more together.

Aluminum is the traditional symbol for 10th Anniversary celebrations. It symbolizes the strength and flexibility of your marriage.

Here are some gift ideas and suggestion on how to make this day special for you and your wife.

Black Onyx Necklace with Concha Aluminum Treasure Box

This is a classy gift for her. It is a genuine sterling silver black onyx pendant that measures 1” long with an 18” long boxed chain with spring ring clasp. This pendant has a reversible feature that gives two looks in one. It also comes in an aluminum treasure box where she can keep this classic and lovely looking necklace. Women love jewelry because they makes them feel more beautiful.

Daffodil Earrings

Daffodil is the flower for a 10th anniversary celebration. It has a trumpet shape that represents joy and happiness in marriage. Give her this lovely gift and give her the joy she deserves. Make it a symbol of your happy marriage and let it remind the both of you to keep your marriage joyous.

However, marriage is not about having fun all the time. You will also experience trials and tribulations that will challenge the bond you have as a couple. Let this remind you that whatever trials you may face, make it a point to make each other smile and stay strong come what may.

Daffodil Bracelet

This is another gift idea that she will truly love. This is made of pewter with sterling silver and a 14 karat gold overlay on the daffodil design. You can also give her fresh daffodils if it is available but if not try giving her fresh daisies or white roses for a fresh look. Daffodil represents joy and happiness, but it doesn’t matter how many dozens of daffodils you buy because you are still the one who will truly make her happy. You are the ones who are in control by doing things that will make your relationship blissful.

MyGift Aluminum Jewelry Tree

This décor stand can hold up to 18 pairs of earrings and several hanging options for her to hang her necklaces and bracelets. It can be a decorative piece or a jewelry organizer. It has a wire display stand and a silver finish. Silver is also the color for 10th anniversaries and related to the 10th anniversary traditional symbol – Aluminum.

Since you are celebrating your 10th anniversary, surely you have bought her a fine collection of jewelry over the years. Hence this makes a perfect gift. Why not add another bracelet to her jewelry collection as well?

Diamond Solitaire Ring

A marriage that last this long only means you have a strong and durable relationship. You marriage is like a diamond that is both ever lasting and precious. This gift is made from 100% natural white diamond and 14 carats white gold.

Ask her to marry you again! Renew your vows on your 10th anniversary. Rekindle the moment you asked her to marry you. Start another decade of romance with her.

Moaning Cavern Caving Adventure

Are you looking for something different for your anniversary celebration? This is the perfect gift idea for you. Put on a hard hat and turn on that head lamp and be prepared for an exciting adventure. Visit a whole new world below the earth’s surface. You will be with expert guides who have been providing this underground tour for over 30 years.

You have been through thick and thin and faced a lot of challenges together. You have survived 10 years together. As you face this unknown adventure together remember the challenges you have faced in the past and how you overcame them as a couple.

Spend a wonderful night at home. After your dinner date, watch a video of your wedding day with a bottle of champagne while relaxing on this comfortable pillow. Let her rest her head on it reminiscent of how she leans and depend on you. A romantic anniversary doesn’t need to be expensive. Little acts like this means a lot to her. What is important is spending quality time together on this special occasion.

Morro Bay Sunset Paddle

Sunset is the most romantic part of the day and what better way to enjoy it then with your wife beside you. Put a twist on this common sun set watching date by going on this Morro Bay Sunset Paddle with her. Let the natural world refresh your tired body from a day of activities. Bring her on this romantic adventure. Watch the sun set over the ocean and enjoy a bottle of wine to celebrate your 10 years of romance.

Gondola Dinner Cruise for 2

Bring her on a surprise Gondola cruise through the Mandalay Canal and Lake Carolyn. Make your 10th wedding anniversary memorable. Enjoy a fabulous catered meal and a bottle of sparkling cider. Share this romantic moment floating aboard a Venetian inspired Gondola. Make sure you have your ring and renew your promise to love her forever.

10th Anniversary Collage Photo Frame

Collect memorable photos of your wedding day, prepare a romantic dinner by candle light and surround yourself with your wedding photos. She will surely appreciate this gift. Reserve one frame for the best photo of your wedding day. Have it covered and let her open it. While she is busy reminiscing those moments, kneel down and put a ring on her finger and renew your vow to love her forever.

Let this day be a memorable day for you and your wife. Renew your vows and spend another decade together.


  1. Aluminum just doesn’t sound that exciting for a gift, even though it might be the designated item. I would prefer a gift that had more lasting appeal and something that symbolizes our relationship together. One suggestion would be monogrammed linens. We gave each other a duvet with our new initials and pillow shams to match. That is one of our most treasured gifts.

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