The Best First Father’s Day Gift Ideas

first fathers day gifts

Father’s Day is just around the corner. Do you know a new dad this year? If you do and you have plans of giving him a gift on Father’s Day, well have you made up your mind yet? If you are still stumped on what to get him then you need to check out our gift suggestions below to help you out.

New Dad Figurine

If the new daddy is a bit sentimental, then a replica of him through a miniature figurine would be a great gift idea for him. The willow tree new dad figurine is a charming and dramatic way of showcasing a father’s love to his newborn. This figurine depicts how the new dad falls in love with his first born from the moment he lays his eyes and hands on the baby. The Willow tree is an intimate way of showing ways to heal, comfort, protect and inspire. This figurine comes in a gift box so gifting is such a breeze; all you have to do is to hand it over to the new dad.

Dad is a coffee junkie and since he became a dad, his caffeine fix gets often. It may be because of the tension he experiences because he has entered the world of parenting. This adorable coffee travel mug is a great gift idea for new dads who loves coffee and are always on the go. He can carry around his caffeine fix while telling the world his new name. Being called “dad’ is such a wonderful name among the rest of pet names that he may have, let him celebrate his new role on Father’s Day through this unique travel mug which is made just for him.

Family Canvas

What would be a better way to beautify the new dad’s man cave? Well, he can hang his favorite team memorabilia but the better way would be to see a remembrance of his growing family. This family canvas can showcase the beauty of the new dad’s growing family. With its enormous size of 20 inches by 24, clear and gorgeous family photo would be enjoyed not only on his man cave but also on the living room or any part of the house that he would want to brag his beautiful family to the world. The image on this canvas would be enjoyed to the fullest because it is optimized by experts to a museum grade canvas, thus making this family canvas one of the perfect gift ideas for the new dad.

New Dad’s Survival Kit Gourmet Gift Basket

The new dad maybe sleep deprived and he badly needs a break. On Father’s Day, gift the newbie a survival kit gourmet gift basket to alleviate his weary body from parenthood. He might need some snacks to boost his energy because parenting maybe too exhausting especially if you are a new one. It does not only contain scrumptious snacks but is also containing pain medication, foam earplugs and many more. This gift basket would surely perk our new dad and keep him going.

Diaper Dude - Many Diaper Bag

He maybe a new dad but for sure, no matter how much he loves his baby, he would not be seen carrying a floral or a girly diaper bag. On Father’s Day, you can celebrate the newbie dad’s new career of being in charge of the baby by gifting him a manly diaper bag. This diaper bag is not too obvious for him to carry around. His manhood will not be at stake since this diaper bag is still manly in nature. With its ergonomic design, the new dad can carry it across the chest and saves his shoulders from muscle strain too. It is wide, adjustable and clips easily whether it is opened or closed. With a wide variety of colors to choose from, be sure to pick the new dad’s favorite color. This would be a great gift idea for dads who love to go out with his new baby.

Baby Carrier

The new dad may love the baby so much that he loves to carry it around. He may love errands and hang out with the baby often but holding the baby too long maybe tiresome for the new daddy. On Father’s Day, why not gift the new dad a baby carrier to help him carry his new baby anywhere he goes. Taking errands or just hanging around with the baby will not be a tough job anymore for the new dad, thanks to this techy baby carrier which is strategically designed not just for the baby but also for the daddy. He can still be manly enough even while carrying his baby through this baby carrier.

New dads have new challenges to face and one of them is changing diapers. It may be too bothersome at first but once he gets used to it he’ll feel accomplished as if he has conquered a mountain or so. Make the new dad celebrate his new found chores through this funny daddy shirt. Real men change diapers, no matter how stinky it is. The newbie will not only enjoy the graphics of this funny shirt but also the comfort that it brings because it is made from 6.0 oz pre shrunk 100% cotton. It is casual and loose fitting and wears well on anyone. This shirt has double stitched sleeve hems and bottom which makes it durable for a long period of time. Turn the new dad’s chore to a proud accomplishment by gifting him this funny shirt on Father’s Day.

The New Dad’s Survival Guide

Life doesn’t come with a hack. If only there’s a guideline especially for the new dads out there then life would be easier. Good thing, there is and this would be the perfect gift for the newbie dad who never ran out of questions. This is a quick yet funny read which is perfect for the new dad who doesn’t have much time to spare. The author of this book has conveyed the fears and feelings of the new dad based from his very own experiences. It is a dude to dude advice rolled up into a guide book which makes parenting for the new dad easier.

Cordless Handheld Vacuum

Being a dad is never an easy job, especially if you are a newbie. A baby maybe too small but it could create an enormous mess that you could never imagine. It could puke, pee and poop most of the time and to make life easier and bearable for the new dad, he should have a cleaning tool that he could rely on. Gift the new dad a cordless handheld vacuum so he could clean instantly and conveniently anytime and anywhere. Dealing with crazy messes would be bearable and will not make him less of a man that he is. With its manly design, who would think that this is a vacuum? It looks like one of the manly tools that any dad would own. A light, compact and sleek designed vacuum that is easy to use, easy to clean from the inside and out. The newbie dad would be very grateful for this very helpful Father’s Day gift.

Smart Baby Monitor

If the new dad is a working dad but he would love to check on his baby every once in a while even while he is out then this next gift idea is the perfect gift for him. The smart baby monitor lets the new dad check or monitor his baby even from across the miles through his iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. It gives out high resolution video with night vision too. He can now talk, comfort and play with his baby even while he is away through this one of a kind baby monitor that every dad should have. Dad can have date nights with mom and will still feel secured as he checks on his baby through this smart baby monitor. This is far better than a nanny cam. On Father’s Day, if you like to splurge a bit and let the new dad enjoy his baby even while he’s out then gift him the smart baby monitor.

Life would probably change in exciting and surprising ways for the new dad. His new responsibilities maybe overwhelming at first but he will surely get along just fine with the help of his family and friends. Father’s Day is a new holiday for him; make him feel loved and welcomed on this special day. As a new dad, he is a new member of the dad’s crew and assure him that he will get plenty of time to get it right.

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