The Best Tech Gift Ideas for Dads

Tech Gifts for Geek Dads

Dad is the pillar of strength for the family. He is the one we go to when we need something to get fixed. He was there on your first day at school. He was there when you first learned how to ride a bike. You told him about your first crush and even your first heartbreak. He also celebrated with you when you had your first kid and on with all the milestones in your life. Father’s Day is coming soon, are you up for it? If your dad is a technology savvy dad then you need to keep up with him and mark this Father’s Day as the best one ever by gifting him something that would quench his thirst for technology and advancement. We have handpicked the top <del>six</del> ten tech gifts for the geek dad. Browse the list below for your reference.

Micro Spy Remote

He wants to control almost everything. He is indeed a control freak! Dad loves to be in control and even wants to be the king of the Tele. On Father’s Day, give dad the universal power to control almost any TV. Yes that is possible through the Micro Spy Remote. This tiny universal remote switches the channel, controls the volume and is very easy to operate. It even has a keychain attachment which makes him bring this anywhere he goes. Make dad the king of the Tele by giving him the Micro Spy Remote on Father’s Day.

Bluetooth Headset Gloves

Dad does the talk all the time. On Father’s Day, let dad enjoy his talk more for up to 20 hours on a charge using his thumb and pinky finger. It took 136 years to turn this gesture into an actual working way of talking on the phone. Dad’s gloves get to have another use, the Bluetooth Handset Gloves gives talking to the hand a different level and with an excellent sound quality too.

Universal Gadget Wrist Charger

The on the go dad is too busy most of the time. He may have not much time to charge all his gadgets. Good thing there’s the Universal Gadget Wrist Charger! Dad can use his gadget without having the fear of being drained up. He can rest his gadget comfortably on his wrist as it charges. As the name suggests, this charger has connectors for a variety of gadgets like smart phones, PSP, iPod and the Kindle. Dad would be connected like how he always wants it even while he is on the go through the Universal Gadget Wrist Charger.

Magtitan Neo Legend Power Band

If dad is a big fan of Tony Stark then this would be the perfect gift for him on Father’s Day! This limited edition exact replica of the band worn by Tony Stark in the Avengers movie, it’s made from titanium, epoxy resin, stainless steel and carbon fiber. Let dad feel like Iron Man through this bad-ass Magtitan Neo Legend Power Band. Special effects not included.

Beacon Audio Blazar

Music is dad’s thing. He likes to listen to his jam and he also loves to play games in his laptop with great and loud sounds. The Beacon Audio Blazar is a tiny package with a clear and loud sound. It is a portable Bluetooth speaker which is compatible with almost any Bluetooth device. It’s available in silver or graphite. This 3.6 inch cube speaker can pack a punch in spite of its size.

Retro Flip Down Clock

You want to enhance dad’s desk at the office but you don’t want it to be too huge because he already has tons of stuff going on his desk. If you are up to giving dad something that would fit perfectly on his desk that would give it a different accent then this next gift idea is the right one for you. The Niceeshop Retro Flip Down Clock is ergonomically designed to be a handsome accent to your dad’s desk. It works like a clock but only better. The Niceeshop Retro Flip Down Clock beats the mundane round-the-clock look. It’s like a miniature scoreboard which flips cards to reveal the minutes and hours as time goes by.

Bookbook for iPhones

Because dad has a lot of things going on in his mind, he has some forgetful situations whenever he leaves the house. On Father’s Day, gift dad something that could hold his iPhone and most of his valuables in one piece. Give dad a BookBook for iPhone to help him keep his valuables intact. He will save time looking for his phone, cash and IDs in various places since the BookBook got it all covered. In addition, you can now ring dad’s wallet whenever it gets missing!

Camera Table Dolly

If dad loves to take photos or videos but feels restricted with the use of a tripod then it’s time to give him the Camera Table Dolly. It is portable, flexible and very useful. Plus its Cheesycam approved. This is a great alternative to a slider for a fraction of a cost. It even has a free carrying pouch which is especially made for the dad who travels and shoots. Dad can now have a smooth video taking session on Father’s Day through this Camera Table Dolly.

Magic Mouse

If dad loves short keys and swiping gestures a lot then the Magic Mouse is the perfect gift for him. It has a slick design that gives dad a momentum scrolling with adjusted touch sensitivity and makes him control the speed and friction of each scroll. The Magic Mouse is ergonomically designed to let dad configure it to do graphics, play games and everyday use settings altogether. It’s basically a touchpad in the shape of a mouse. With only one button on it, dad can swipe and scroll at his convenience. Give dad a seamless surfing experience on Father’s Day by gifting him the Magic Mouse.

Livescribe Smartpen

Meetings are dad’s usual routine at work. He is a bit OC when it comes to note taking because he wants everything to be precise and he really wants to jot down everything. If your dad is this type of dad then the Livescribe Smartpen is the perfect gift for him. Take the stress out of dad’s meetings with the help of this Smartpen from Livescribe. Dad can now record up to 800 hours and that is equivalent to 8 GB of recordings with playback. He can listen to the playbacks of his recordings because there’s an audio jack for earphones included. Plus, he can even transfer his recordings from this smartpen straight to his computer with a cable connection. All of dad’s notes, graphs and diagrams can be at the tip of his fingertips anytime and anywhere through the Livescribe Smartpen.

Dad may not be sentimental but he deserves a present on Father’s Day. Don’t forget to get him one and ensure that you get to pick the perfect gift for him. The geek dad deserves tech gifts. On Father’s Day get your geeky dad a technology inclined gift that suits him well. This would absolutely make him happy in so many ways that you could never imagine. Celebrate father’s significance in your life and pay tribute to everything that he has done for you. Great dads deserve recognition and your dad is no exemption. Greet him and bond with him. Make amends to the time you have not been there for him. Just give back to dad and tell him you love him not just on Father’s Day but in all the days to come from this day onwards.

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