The Best Unusual Wedding Gift Ideas

Newlywed Gifts

Gifts may sometimes be similar or if not they may be totally the same from each other. Sometimes they only differ in brands and packaging and often these gifts are unappreciated by the recipients. Buying the perfect wedding gift requires a little bit of introspection because for you to find the right gift for the newlyweds, you need to know them a little bit to know which one they like or prefer. Wedding registries are helpful but what if you are not a fan of keeping up with the ordinary gifts? If the couple has a colorful personality just like you then an unusual gift would come to mind. We have gathered gifts from various websites that would somehow please your picky taste in gifts. Browse below for your perusal.

Scrumptious Goodies

Who wouldn’t love goodies? This scrumptious gift basket full of scrumptious goodies with added personalized touch by putting the names of the bride, groom and their wedding date, let them celebrate their big day munching on these snacks as they unwrap and unveil all their wedding presents. This gift basket is filled with delicious treats and hearty snacks, a surefire tasty treats for the newlyweds. This gift is ideal for the couple who loves to munch on snacks. It is also an ideal gift for the guest who can’t attend the couple’s big day. Sending this kind regards and letting the couple know that your heart is celebrating with them but you just can’t witness their joyous occasion shows that you wish them the best in life and a happy marriage ahead.

Baseball caps, Can Coolers Gift Set and Do Not Disturb Door Hanger

This gift trio is ideal for the newlyweds who love to play games outdoors and indoors. The base ball caps come in one size fits all with an adjustable Velcro strap at the back. These are made from 100% cotton with beautiful embroidery of the words bride and groom. The couple can wear these baseball caps as they watch their favorite games live or even when they stroll outside during a hot and sunny day. To match their baseball caps, are the Mr. and Mrs. Foam Can Coolers. The coolers are 4.125 inch tall and can hold a standard 12 ounce can. The Mrs. Foam can cooler comes in black with white letters and heart punctuation while the Mrs. Foam can cooler comes in white with black letters also with heart punctuation. The can cooler gift set is a funny and charming gift made with high quality materials that could keep the couple’s drinks cold during a warm sunny game day outdoors. To keep up with the newlywed’s high spirits and active lifestyle both outdoors and indoors, is the purpose of this novelty gift item. This do not disturb door hanger is a unique gift that the newlywed couple could use on their honeymoon and even every once in a while as they travel and check in hotels. A great keep sake for the adorable newlyweds.

Mr. and Mrs. Can Coolers

Wedding Bride and Groom Baseball Caps

Do Not Disturb Door Hanger

Tropical Honeymoon Shirt

A very cute honeymoon gift for the newlywed especially when worn in pairs, this shirt is quite a catch for the new couple. This may serve as their official couple shirt on their way to their honeymoon. The shirt is a Hanes Comfort Soft T-shirt that provides its wearer a relaxed feeling which makes them ready for anything. The incredible softness will keep the couple comfortable no matter where or what they are up to. It can be worn under a jacket, coat or as it is. It also comes in various sizes to choose from size Small to triple XL. This honeymoon couple shirts gift idea is the perfect gift for the newlyweds who will take their honeymoon on a tropical island.

Sorry Girls I’m Taken and Sorry Guys I’m Taken Shirts

Even the heartbreakers and homecoming king and queen get married. If the newlyweds are both heartbreakers in their high school or college years this would be the best and fun gift for them. Their past flings would certainly be sorry this time for sure. The newlyweds can wear their status in style as both of them sport these shirts together. The shirts are built from high quality materials that are both double stitched at the bottom and hems for durability. Both are very comfortable to be worn because it is made from cotton. The designs are also customizable which can be enlarged or reduced according to your liking. For the male shirt, sizes run from Small to quadruple XL and it comes in white color. For the female shirt, sizes run from Small to triple XL with different colors to choose from. These shirts will certainly make the newlyweds’ statement be voiced out loud and clear.

Sorry Girls, I’m Taken Shirt

Sorry Guys, I’m Taken

Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness and Flourishing

Wedding day itself is a very festive occasion. Everyone is happy and cheerful but the responsibility in marriage is not all happy and bright. Learning the science of happiness and flourishing from experts’ point of view will give the newlyweds a heads up on how to be happy. This book showcases the in depth study of positive psychology on the foundations of emotion, motivation, well being, leisure, love, peak performance and health. It is the perfect gift for the bookworm couple to help them see more on the brighter side of life as they stroll along their path in marriage.

Stackable Tetris Lamp

This is not your ordinary desk lamp. If the newlywed is also not an ordinary couple and prefers unusual decorations then this would be a great gift for them. Stacking up lights in a different manner everyday is all possible with the Tetris desk lamp. The blocks light up when they are stacked together and stay off when dissembled, so how cool is that? This might be the missing furniture to their desk or room where it would beautify and illuminate at the same time. This is a perfect gift for the couple who love Tetris or just loves to stack up and redecorate often.

Painting Party

Is the newlywed couple both artistic or artist enthusiast? This gift would bring out their artistic side of life from one brushstroke to another, by mixing colors, texture and expressions. This experience lasts for two hours to two and half. The couple could also bring their own beer or wine if they prefer to. Experience is not necessary, even if they are art enthusiasts and have not made their masterpiece yet they would certainly enjoy and have fun on this painting party. In this painting party, an expert art instructor would guide the couple in their quest to make their own masterpiece together. The painting party is a different kind of fun that would relax and inspire the newlywed couple. After this painting party, they could come up with their very own masterpiece for them to adore in their new home.

Discover Scuba For 2

Learning something new is great activity to vest on your time and energy especially if you’re learning with someone you love. If the couple who just wed is both avid fans of adventure then this would be a fantastic gift for them. Learning to scuba dive is a key in unlocking the discovery of underwater adventure. Learning how to scuba dive is their ticket in venturing on more fun activities in the future. Expert instruction is provided under controlled conditions. It’s the perfect way to get the essential lessons in diving and is very ideal for those considering formal lessons in the future.

Gourmet New York Dinner Cruise

If the newlywed couple is very dear to you and you would want to gift them a very romantic gift with a first class experience then this would be a great gift idea for you. Give the gift of a dinner cruise in their city or area. This charming and elegant dinner cruise would let the couple re-live their first date and make them feel like they are dating again. The gourmet food served is to die for and aside from this delicious dinner, an elegant ensemble and breathtaking view of the outdoors would wrap up this romantic evening of unparalleled pleasure. The romantic dinner comes also with roses, sparkling wine and souvenirs. This dinner cruise would give a great night for the newlyweds to unwind and relax in the arms of each other.

Creativity is the key in buying the perfect wedding gift. Let your imagination go and put your feet in the shoes of the newlyweds. If the gift suits you well and you know that you share the same interests with them then why not give it a shot. Memories make the best gifts of all; the gift that could be cherished for a lifetime would stand out when the other gifts just failed to work. Most of the time, the most bizarre gift would generate more fun memories. Marriage is a celebration of finding the missing piece of their lives. Couples celebrate it much because their lifelong quest of finding their forever has ended. Equating their festive mood with a memorable present is the way to go.

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