The Top Gifts for Lawyers That Will Leave Them With No Objections


Lawyers help and protect individuals who know less about the law. They are there to let people be reminded and be educated of their rights and the rules they need to follow.

Here are some gift ideas you can give a lawyer in the family or a friend. Give them a token of your appreciation for their great help. It is not easy to be a lawyer. Show them how much you appreciate them. Take a look at this collection of great gift items only for lawyers.

Seated Lady Justice Bookends

Lawyers have vast collection of books. They need to study endlessly to help them with special cases that they handle. This gift helps them organize files and books they have in a stylish and elegant way. These bookends are made from white marble bases and a two tone bronze for the sculpture. It is a tarnish proof book end that measures 14”LX2.5”Wx8”H. This is a great gift to share; makes a good décor too.

I Love/Heart Lawyers Plush Teddy Bear

It doesn’t mean that if you are lawyer you have to be serious all the time. This cute and cuddly lawyer bear is a charming gift idea to remind lawyers that they are loved and appreciated despite the bad reputation that lawyers generally suffer from. This is a nice gift for lawyers who won their first case, those who just passed the bar exam and any type of occasion.

Justice Baseball

It is nice to watch a baseball game after winning a stressful case. Well this gift idea cannot be use for a hardcore baseball game but it is a nice keepsake for lawyers you know. It is a justice-designed baseball created by a gifted artist Emily M. Wolfson. It has a standard baseball size and comes with a stand. This is a cool gift to share. You don’t see such peculiar baseball in a regular baseball game.

Scales of Justice Necktie

Lawyers are expected to look professional all the time. They always have to look presentable in front of the judge and their client whenever they are in a hearing session and when they meet their clients. They have a reputation to take care of. This gift item is something that can help them look professional and presentable. It is made of 100% woven silk in a classic and sophisticated design. It features the scales of justice in black and blue color with a yellow background. This is a nice gift to share.

Whimsical Watches – Women’s Gold Lawyer Watch

This is a special gift just for women lawyers. Whimsical watch for women is a lawyer themed wrist watch that uses Japanese- quartz movement that always provides precise time. Its dial window is made from good quality plastic crystal, its case from stainless steel, its strap made from high quality leather and a gold tone time hand. This is a unique handcrafted gift idea for a lawyer in the family or a lawyer friend.

Designer Legal Stanford Clock

This Legal Stanford clock is indeed a great gift for a lawyer you know. It has a stylish design that features a hinged lid with Scales of Justice symbol on the upper half and on the other half is a clock with Roman digit. It has a classic black ebony finish that creates a beautiful look on this clock. It looks like an antique pocket watch in its bigger size.

Legal Key Ring

This keychain is handcrafted in pewter that features cute designs like an old fashioned quill pen, a miniature law book and a set of scale. It can be their good luck charm to help them with their case or their exam! They will surely be pleased with this key ring. It is a classy and an elegant looking keychain for a lawyer.

Scales of Justice Cufflinks

This set of silver scale of justice cufflinks is a wonderful gift for a lawyer, judge or attorney. It is made from rhodium plated metal which is approximately 7/8” X 3/4” in size. It has a shiny finish and a classy look. This gift item comes with a gift box, ready for gift giving. This gift idea so practical and so useable for lawyers you know. It can be used in formal events, case hearings and other important occasions.

Law School in a Box

Lawyers need to keep on reviewing laws to be updated and to be able to remember everything they had studied about. This gift idea is good for lawyers and those who are still studying law. This Law School in a box is like having a crash course in law. It comes with a mini textbook, 10 “Heroes of the Courtroom” trading cards, 10 “You are the Judge” cards, a mini bar exam and a faux diploma. This makes you studying more fun and easy. Law school in a box without tuition fees! Imagine that!

Obey gravity. It’s the law!

No one is above the law. All laws should be observed and followed. Laws are made to make everything be in order. Lawyers should be the first one who will practice this. This shirt is a nice and funny gag gift for lawyers. Well it really is true, the law of gravity is so true and we can’t really avoid it. This shirt is made from 100% cotton with orange and white colors in a retro design. It is indeed funny but it is so true. Laws are created to be followed not to be ignored.

A token of appreciation is such a small thing to acknowledge their great help to people but it will mean a lot to them. No matter how big or small your gift is it will surely be well appreciated because your care and gratitude is enclosed with your gift.


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