Three DIY Dog Costumes That Will Grab Everybody’s Attention This Halloween

Being unique is always the sure and best way to be known and to be famous. This also holds true even in the canine world when you want your pup to be an instant star during dog parades or the most adored in even in the traditional trick or treating activity on Halloween. Do not just grab anything online or pull off cheap stuff on the racks of nearby stores (your neighbour might also have the same thing in mind). But instead, coin your own creative theme and impress people of how cool your pooch can be. If you want your pup to get the crown of the Best Dog Costume award, then make sure he stands out in the crowd of hounds. To start the ball rolling in gearing up that distinct disguise, the following three ideas are recommended for your DIY dog costumes that will definitely grab everybody’s attention.

(Ed’s note: If you would rather buy a costume, you can visit my friend’s site, Dog Costumes Hub for a compilation of the funniest and cutest dog costumes you can buy.)


Delivery Dog Team (aka 2 Dogs Carrying a Box Costume)

Dogs Carrying Box

Dogs Carrying Box 2

The first stop is to make your four legged friend into a great delivery dog team. This means that you will turn your doggy into a pair (crafting him into a team helping out a box of delivery with any company of your choice). Consequently, this concept requires a lot of careful planning and a skilful sewer is needed who can perfectly translate and represent what you have in mind. Your pup can look like two employees from UPS or DHL transporting a package to your doorstep or just two plain guys carrying a box that needs to be transferred. Whatever your choice is, this concept is one of its kind. Check out this blog for a step by step instruction on how to dress your pup into a cool delivery dog team visit Petmeds.


Star Wars Princess Leia Pet Costume

Princess Leia Dog Costume

If you think you are a real fan of the Star Wars series, then you are in the best position to conceptualize that Star Wars costume most especially intended for your pup. Just be sure that you have with you the original videos and/or photos of the different characters for easy reference to make it like the real thing. In this way, you will be more inspired in crafting your own Star Wars dog attire. As tips for first timers, check out the characters’ most striking asset and highlight this to start of your DIY design. However, if you specifically want to dress your pup as Princess Leia, try to inspect her hair bun. If you are a keen observer, this is the thing that makes her unique and this is how she symbolizes her character in the movie. For more suggestions on this concept, visit Makezine.


Scorpion Dog Costume

Scorpion Costume
If you are amazed by these creepy and crawly creatures of the insect world, then turning your pup into an eight legged anthropod which is referred to as scorpion is just the picture perfect idea for your cute pup. Let your four legged friend be extra unique in your local dog costume contest this coming Halloween and surely he will win the hearts of the judges who are out there to see him. This dog costume concept is just a clear indication that time and effort where much invested in terms of creation as this is surely one tedious job to do. However, the end result as seen when worn by your pup will definitely make this all worth it. For the detailed instruction on this scorpion costume, visit Coolest Homemade Costumes.

Whatever your choice is for your pup’s “look” on Halloween or any special doggy events, just remember this simple rule of thumb: Be authentic, be creative and just show them what you have got. This will clearly set you apart from the rest as they cannot get their eyes off your funny furry friend.

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