Fun and Useful! Top Gift Ideas for Writers

writer gift ideas

Writers are like artists who have innate skill and talent to express their feelings in their most colorful way. They create realms and share it to people though their writings. They share knowledge they have and learned, show the beauty of places, tell stories of things untold and so many things more.

Here are some gift ideas that will make a writer in your life happy and inspired to write more masterpieces. Feel free to take a look at these cool items.

eComfort Lap Desk

Sometimes writers work when they in the mood. They are like painters, they are also artist who will suddenly have ideas that will pop out their minds and has to execute it at once. So in times that sudden rush happens this gift idea will help them express what they wanted to write even in the middle of the night. This lap desk is so practical for writers. They can finish their work even before sleeping, on their bed, on their couch while watching or anywhere they are comfortable working without a table near them. This will give them something to place their laptops or tablets on. This is absolutely a great gift for writers you know.

Writer’s Digest 1-Year Subscription

This is a gift for professional writers and writers at heart. This magazine subscription focuses on the craft and love off writing, it discusses about tools and new information for writing and best market for writing. It also features how to write and sell magazines, books and articles. It is indeed a helpful gift item for a writer you know. This is a valuable source of writing information and it is a practical gift you can share to your writer friend. It is easy to read and quick way to feed yourself about writing information and helpful tips.

Hand Massager

As a writer it is your mind and your hand that do the load of the job. Typing and writing is not an easy job as you think. If you are typing and writing the whole day well it is really tiring. You also have to pamper those hands with a nice massage. This gift item will save you from traveling to a massage clinic for a hand massage. Just switch it on and place your hands in to enjoy a relaxing hand massage. This gift item uses air pressure massage concentrating on your hand’s pressure points. It has an LCD screen that displays the time per session. Cool gift idea to share.

The Writer’s Toolbox

This gift idea is very helpful for those who are aspiring to become a good writer. This tool includes fun exercises that are relation to writing. This wonderful gift idea is designed by a long time creative writing teacher, Jamie Cat Callan. This 64-page booklet is full of fun exercises and instructions that focuses on enhancing and awakening of the right part of the brain. In this way this book helps a writer develop and enhance their writing skill. This is a good choice of gift item for a writer.

LED Powered Ink Penlight Night Writer

Now it is not hard to write even it is dark. It is now possible to see what you write even at night. This is an ideal gift for those who has the passion for writing. You see, you tend not to notice the time when you are in the mood to write, you just let your idea flow and you keep on writing those thoughts freely. This pen is specially made from aircraft aluminum housing with a on and off switch for its LED lighting. It is battery operated and uses one AAA battery. It comes in a gift box with a free AAA battery and an extra ink cartridge. Great gift isn’t it?

Writer’s Block Shirt

This is a shirt only for writers. It is made from 100% cotton and has a comfortable fit. It is available in different color and in five sizes; small, medium, large, x-large and xx-large. Being a writer needs vast imagination and wide reading as well. If you love to read you also gather much information that plays around in your mind, helping you to create a nice piece of article. To write is an art, it is a skill that is innate and you can develop.

Doctor Who TARDIS Book Light

This gift idea is so easy to use; you just clip it on and continue writing even the lights are off. You just have to clip in on your journal while you are in the mood in writing your ideas. This gift idea comes with a nice UV pen perfect for writing your secret codes. It also has an adjustable neck so that you can get the light that you need in its most comfortable setting. It runs in 2 CR2 batteries which is already included in this gift item. What a cool gift for your writer friend.

Limited Edition Hobbit Moleskine Notebooks

Get these limited edition Hobbit Moleskine notebooks for your special writer. Let her or him write all his thoughts and creativity in this wonderful notebook. This notebook can be carried anywhere ready to keep all great ideas that your writer has. This is where a writer can document thoughts and ideas he come up with in case that his or her laptop or tablet is not available. It is still nice to write the old ways. These notebooks are available in blank or lined pages. Each notebook has an illustration from the first edition by J.R.R. Tolkien. This is a nice gift that suits any type of occasion.

Three Dimensional Writer’s Pen Necklace

This is a lovely Pen necklace charm made from oxidized sterling silver. It is about 22 mm high and 4 mm wide. This lovely necklace charm comes with a nicely polished box chain and has a spring clasp lock. This is a wonderful gift for a female writer that suits any type of occasion. It is an out of the boxed themed gift idea. You can’t see this necklace charm everywhere. This is really a good find.

Writer’s Throw Pillow

Add a stylish throw pillow in your writer’s lounge. It has a funny phrase “I’m a writer. Anything you say or do may be used in a story”; I find this note really true. Funny but is so true. This is a special throw pillow for a writer. Its graphics are printed in a canvas fabric. It is soft and comfortable gift to share. It is easy to wash because of its removable pillowcase. It simple but is really special.

Special gifts are not measured on their price and their size. It is measured with the thought and importance of your gift item. Whatever gift item you pick it will surely be special as long as you enclose it will your love and care.

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