Top Gifts for Dads Who Have Everything (aka the Rich Daddy)


Thanking your father of all the love he has given his child is something they deserve. But how will you show your appreciation and love to him? You don’t need to buy expensive gifts especially for someone who almost has everything. Sometimes the simpler the gift is the better.

Whiskey Stones

Well yes he can buy all the ice that he wants but he can even pay for this gift idea but what makes it special is it came from you. This Whiskey stone is a unique gift to give your dear dad on any type of occasion. It keeps his drinks cold and without watering it down, keeping the drink’s taste; compare to a regular ice cubes it adds water when they melt affecting the taste of the his drinks. Well he can’t pay for that convenience!

Whitewater Rafting and Ziplining

Alright, of course he can pay for his own plane ticket to wherever he wants, he can afford to buy himself a Caribbean Cruise but he can never buy happiness and excitement he will have doing this activity with you. Money can’t pay this wonderful experience having fun with his child. He will surely love the Experience of fun and excitement from rafting and zip lining! Have fun while having a Raft Class II-III Rafting at Brown’s Canyon and zip the thrill on an exciting zip line experience.

USB Fish Aquarium

This is a one of a kind gift; this is a hard to find gift idea for your father who has everything. He can afford this gift for sure but where can he find this cool stuff? He can pay for this thing but he will surely prefer to have this as a gift than buying one for himself.

This gift will make him feel relaxed and calm in a stressful environment at work. It is designed not just to organize your dad’s desk but to also squeeze out the energy left in you to surpass the day. Your dad will surely love to look at this tiny aquarium and something to organize his desk.

Paragliding Experience

Experience a peaceful glide with an experienced instructor from United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association that will be beside your father whilst smoothly gliding in the air. Your father will love this gift for sure. There are still things that money can buy. Give him the happiness and love that he can’t be purchase by debit cards or cheque.

Skyroll Wrinkle-free Luggage Carrier

If he goes on an out of town meeting and he needs to carry his business suits, this is a perfect gift for him. Ok we know that he can buy himself a fine luggage if he wants. But we are talking about the thought you incorporate with your gift. He is busy and in a hurry most of the time so he will love this wrinkle free luggage. It keeps the clothes neat and wrinkle free by rolling the clothes. If your father hates ironing this is the best stuff to give him. He won’t be spending time to iron his clothes. This gift gives him his convenience and saved him part of his precious time. So better get one for him now.

Schwinn 420 Elliptical Trainer

Health is wealth as they say it. Your father can’t pay off his health so be vigilant in taking care of your father’s health. He almost had everything but if he loses his health he lose everything.

This gift idea is something you can trust to make your father fit and healthy. It gives upper and lower-body workout, ergonomic handle for convenient work out , integrated grip heart system for workout monitoring, 8 workout programs and most of all it has warranty!

“World’s Best Dad” Tee Shirt

Sometimes the simplest gift turns out to be the best give ever. A t-shirt is a common gift given on any occasion, the challenge that comes with it is the designs, print and color. Don’t worry if your Dad won’t like this gift. (Mind you he will take it and keep it as one of his treasures. It is made of cotton and it has the simplest message but it has an overflowing love that comes with it. Show him your deepest appreciation and love. This can be done at any day of the month with or without a special celebration.

Hot Stone Massage

He can afford the luxury he wanted but this time it would be better if his child will be the one to treat him this time. It is going to be a great gift for him. This stone massage is perfect for him. It will give him the relaxation he needs for working hard for his family.

This Hot stone Massage uses Minnesota stones to melt away stressed muscles. It will rejuvenate his body and pamper his soul.

World’s Most Awesome Dad Award Trophy

Given that your father almost had everything, this gift idea is something he can’t buy for himself. An award is given to an individual due to the wonderful performance such as promotion in the office. Your dad deserves an award too for being a great dad ever. He did everything he can; he always gives out his best just to make sure his family is ok. He really is the most awesome dad in the world.

“Thank You Dad” Glass Décor

You don’t have to wait every father’s day to tell your father how thankful you for all the things he did for you, all the loved he showered you and all those hugs and kisses he gave you. You do not have to wait for a perfect chance to tell him and show him your love. Every day is the perfect timing to thank him. This gift idea is a perfect present for your dad on father’s day, his birthday, Christmas and etc. This gift idea is made of glass and has “Thank You Dad inscribe to it. He can use it anywhere and anytime he wants it. He can use it a paper weight or laptop décor. Thank him; don’t be scared to let him know you love him.

It is really challenging to make your Dad smile and appreciate your gift if he already has everything. While there are many things money can buy, love, convenience and care cannot be bought. These are simple things that money can’t purchase.

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