Top Seven St. Patrick’s Day Gifts for Women


Happiness doesn’t result from what we get, but from what we give, according to Ben Carson. It is true that there is an awesome feeling experienced whenever we give someone a gift no matter how small or big the gift was. Special occasions and holidays come and it’s been a common practice by some to gift dear people in our lives a little surprise.

Saint Patrick’s Day is coming, have you thought of giving the woman in your life a little something this holiday to make it extra special for her? We have handpicked and personally reviewed selections of gift ideas that may seem so little but would mean so much for her. Read on and choose from the top seven gift ideas for her.

Irish Tux T-Shirt

Make her feel and imbibe the Irish glow on Saint Patrick’s Day by gifting a wonderfully designed T-Shirt. This Graphic Tee is exquisitely designed to look like a tuxedo at first glance with a matching bow tie and shamrock boutonniere. The print is of high quality and the details are finely presented. The t-shirt is made from 100% cotton which makes it very comfortable to wear. This can be worn on your St. Patrick’s Day party, parade or any casual occasion in the future. It is a sure fire conversation starter just from the looks of it. It comes in different sizes, from Small to Large. This tee is ideal for women who loves to dress up or is looking for unique and fashionable tees. Make your woman look fashionably in style on St. Patrick’s Day.

Jeweled Heart Shamrock Necklace

For the woman who loves jewelleries, this would be the perfect gift for her on Saint Patrick’s Day. Make her feel lucky with this elegantly designed pendant of a four leaf clover. According to Irish tradition, those who find a four leaf clover are destined for good luck! Each leaf in the clover symbolizes good omens for faith, love, hope and luck for the one who found it. The odds of finding a four leaf clover are very rare with an estimate of 1 in 10,000 three leaf clover. The stainless steel necklace is 18 inches long which makes it fit her neck just fine, not too long or too short. This will surely look good around her neck on Saint Patrick’s Day or in any other day. A perfect addition to her Saint Paddy’s Day outfit and would definitely complement any of her other outfits too. This can be worn on your Saint Patrick’s Day dinner party too and would look good on her cocktail dress. Impress her with this jewelled heart shamrock necklace and make her feel special and loved on St. Paddy’s Day.

Irish Hearts and Shamrocks Stretch Charm Bracelet

A beautifully designed and crafted charm bracelet with a combination of clear green beads and intricate metal charms will look good on her on St. Patrick’s Day. Make her show off the Irish pride by encircling her wrist with this elegant charm bracelet. It has seven charms and eight dangling beads. Each charm is approximately half inch wide with a combination of shamrocks, hearts and beads. The design is a stretch bracelet style that could easily fit any size of the wrist. This would complement any of her outfits especially when worn on your St. Paddy’s Day party. Be blown away with the fine details and uniqueness of this Irish charm bracelet.

Jumbo Stovepipe Hat

Saint Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, if your woman loves to join parades on this holiday this would be the right gift for her. This jumbo stovepipe hat is striking with Irish pride and would definitely give her the festive look. Forum Novelties Inc is the leader in novelty and costumes for more than thirty years and they made this attention grabbing hat perfectly for St. Patrick’s Day. It is made from 100% polyester and one size fits all. Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day in style and make her standout with the help of this jumbo stovepipe hat.

St. Patrick’s Day Gourmet Gift Basket

If your woman is a foodie, she’ll love this St. Patrick’s Day Gourmet Gift Basket for sure. This gift basket is designed by leprechauns and they have carefully added some treats to tickle her taste buds on Saint Patrick’s Day. Each gift basket contains ‘Luck O’ The Irish’ Green Hot Chocolate, a Shamrock Lollipop, Corso’s Shamrock Cookies, Garden Vegetable Cheese Spread, Three Pepper Blend Water Crackers and more. She can enjoy Saint Patrick’s Day more with this gift basket filled with delicious treats. Send her luck and love with these great tasting food.

Shamrock Shades

The three leaf clover is the national emblem of the Irish community. It is known to give good luck to anyone who sees it. A fun and outgoing woman who loves festivities like Saint Patrick’s Day deserves a wonderful accessory that would bring out her party spirit more. This shamrock three leaf clover slotted shades from Forum Novelties Inc guaranteed to rock her outfit and make her enjoy St. Paddy’s Day parades and activities more. These glasses would complement her Saint Patrick’s Day outfit and would elaborately make her standout from the rest on parades, parties or even while hanging out. This 80’s style glasses are awesome and would make her get in the spirit of the festive occasion aside from being lucky enough to celebrate the Irish heritage in style. The three leaf clover design of this slotted shades make it stylish, trendy and eye catchy on Saint Patrick’s Day. Heads will turn for her and would make her look more lively and proud with this fun and silly glasses which are perfectly made for the occasion.

Lucky Leprechaun

Leprechauns are known to be mischievous and tricky. This leprechaun plush is an exception to the rule. The puppy dog eyes of this eight inch plush make it look adorable and very cute. Make your woman’s heart melt as she sees this adorable sight. Aside from being very cute and friendly, this plush toy is also ultra soft and cuddly. This is also a perfect addition to your leprechaun traps in your Saint Patrick’s Day design. Kids and the kids at heart would definitely love this Irish fairy plush but do watch out for this elf on the shelf when the sun sets as this may come to life and do tricks on you. Just kidding! This plush toy is just purely adorable and would ensure to make her love you more on Saint Patrick’s Day. Get ready for more warm hugs and kisses for the lucky you on Saint Paddy’s Day!

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