Top Ten Picks: Gift Ideas a Cop Would Love to Receive


I remember my mom used to scare me of cops when I was still a kid.  But these guys really have a big responsibility. It is indeed a very difficult and dangerous job to have.

Being a cop or a policeman is such a noble title to have. you risk your life to protect others. They are the ones we ask for help when you are in trouble. For me they are one of the real super heroes just like soldiers who fight for peace. Cops are there to fight for your protection.

Show your appreciation to our noble policemen. A little token of appreciation will mean a lot to them. Here are some gift ideas that suits any type of celebration. Feel free to take look.

Lego Policeman USB Flash Drive

I like this gift item; it reminds me of my first Lego set. It is a police station Lego set that has 2 policemen and a police mobile; a little bigger than this keychain. But anyway, this gift idea is useable and practical gift to give your superhero cop. It can keep up to 8GB of files. You can keep your favorite songs, photos, videos and some important files in it. This is a handy gift idea for a cop because they can store important information they need for their job. It is really a cool gift idea perfect or policemen.

Robocop Vinyl Figure

Robocop is the most famous cop ever. This 4” tall Robocop vinyl figure looks good on a mobile car or desktop of the most valued cop you know. This is officially licensed Robocop merchandised made with high quality. It looks adorably cute and robust. Sometimes I wonder how it will look like if our Police force is like Robocop. Will there be any bad guys, be strong enough to mess up with our cops? I doubt there will be but we still have to wait to have that type of technology to totally change police force. I am just sharing a piece of my imagination.

Cop and Robber Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shaker

This is how you see cops in action! I liked this gift instantly when I saw it in It has a cute and funny design. It is not as funny it will be in real life but in a way you tend to loosen a bit from a hard task when you look at this gift item. We all know it is not an easy job to be a cop. Cops can also relax a bit and have fun cooking at their kitchen cooking and shaking this salt and pepper shaker! These cool items are made of good quality ceramic with magnet that attracts each other. This must be washed by hands only to preserve its design.

Obey Gravity. It’s the Law!

This shirt is a funny gift idea perfect for cops or lawyers. This is absolutely a nice and comfortable gift idea to give a friend or a cop that you know. It is funny but the principle that it share is true. No matter what type of law it is, we have to follow and obey it. Well like the usual shirts we mention on our gift lists this is made from 100% cotton and uses new printing technology to preserve its graphic longer than the sub-standard shirts.

Secret Agent Phone Holster

Cops have their guns with them when they are at work. They can’t have their guns if they’re not in their shift but they can have the mobile phones. This gift idea looks like a gun holster but it is made for mobile phones. This is a gun holster for mobile phones. It looks cool to wear. You will look robust and manly with this gift idea. People might think you are really carrying a gun. I suggest using this gift idea on proper places and avoid using it in crowded places like airports and parks. It is safe to wear it at home so you won’t forget where you put your mobile!

Doctor Who TARDIS Slippers

Well this gift idea will not help our cops with their job but this will take care of their tired feet after a long and tiring shift. It keeps their feet comfortable and warm while relaxing after a tiring job. This will help them regain and boost their energy so that they are ready again for their next shift. These slippers are so comfortable and soft. It is made from cotton and polyester and absolutely made with great quality. This is a must have for a hardworking and noble policeman you know. This is a gift of comfort and care perfect on any type occasion.

Policeman Peeper – Eyeglass And Business Card Holder

This gift idea is indeed a unique handcrafted gift item specially designed for policemen. Policemen are professionals and they interact with many types of people. They also have to deal with some office matters so this gift idea is a perfect piece they can place on top of their desk. It functions as a decorative figurine and a cardholder as well. It is carefully hand carved and painted that is what makes this gift really special. This is a wonderful gift and a unique home or office décor and accessory. This is really a cool stuff to give.

Big Mouth Toys – The Gun Mug

A pistol shaped ceramic coffee mug is such a wonderful gift idea. It is something you don’t usually see every morning. Start your day with a nice cup of coffee on this funny mug. This is a perfect mug for a policeman you know. It adds excitement and fun drinking your favorite hot drink. This gift item is made from ceramic and can hold hot beverages. It is dishwasher safe and so easy to clean. This is a sturdy mug for a robust cop.

Garden Friends Heroic Gnome – Policeman

Show them who owns that garden! Let your garden stay in order with a policeman in charge. This policeman gnome is a great addition to your friend’s collection of gnomes. This assures you that your garden will be safe and always in order as long as this gnome is in charge. This is made from poly stone which is very durable. It has detailed design from its hat down to his shoes; everything in a policeman’s uniform is well detailed in this gift item. This is exactly the gnome for policemen.

PowerPak+ High Capacity Portable Charger

Most of the time cops are assigned in an area without electricity, or they are in their shift outside where they cannot recharge their mobile phones. This gift idea is a must have for those who are always in the field. This will give them more battery life if in case they are asked to be in a double shift. They are always ready in these cases. This portable charger has an unrivaled battery capacity of 13,500mAh power with dual 5V output. In layman’s term it will give you enough power to charge up your mobile’s battery. This is such a practical and wonderful gift idea.

It is a noble job to be a cop. You risk your life for others. They are our real life heroes; they are the ones who make sure we are safe all the time.

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