Hot Christmas Gifts: Best Toys for Toddler Boys Age 3, 4, 5

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Little boys are sometimes impatient, curious, playful and energetic. They are so curious that they tend to play everything they see. They tend to get bored easily on toys because it doesn’t make them interested on what they are doing. Toys are meant to make them happy and for them to have fun, not to feel bored and sleepy playing them.

This list of hot toys for boys ages 3 and up will make them occupied even for hours of long playtime. These toys gives them fun and at the same time educate them and enhance their skills. Take a look at these hot toys for your little champ.

Please take note that this list is based on our experiences, customer reviews and trends. If you would like to see the best selling toys list, you can view it at Amazon by clicking here.

Adventure Time Plush Slamacows with Sound

As little boys, they wanted to try out some adventure and discover things, but of course you wouldn’t let them go out and have their own adventure. It is too way dangerous for them to try an adventure. But this hot toy will make them feel and adventurer. Let Finn and Jake accompany them to an adventure in their room. These plush toys are safe toys to play with; it doesn’t have sharp edges that will hurt your playful little boy. It is made of durable fabric that can handle your boy’s hero moves. It also talks, it has 5 recorded sayings like “Oh mygrod”, “die un-holy thing” and other famous Finn lines. He will definitely love this toy.

Cubelets Robotic Kit

Make your boy a smart geek! Let him create and program a robot with this hot toy. Cubelets is not just a simple toy but an educational one. It enhances his creativity and practices him in logic challenges. Each cube in each set has their unique functions. There are sensor cubes and thinker cubes. If these cubes are put together they will create a cool robot toy that can move different ways and lights up as well. There will be included instructions. Your child’s creativity will only be limited by his imagination.

Jr. Animal Eye Viewers

Let your little one appreciate the wonders around him. This wonderful toy opens your child’s eye how the world looks in a different view. These Jr. Animal Eye Viewers let your child experience seeing the world around him like how these animals see it. They will see how the shark sees the water differently, or how a bug sees the flowers and leaves. These toys are perfect for kid’s ages 4 years and up. They can view the worlds from different animals’ eyes. This toy package comes in set of three viewers; chameleon, shark and bug. This is a wonderful toy that will make them have fun and learn new things as well.

Mario Kart Racers Q Steer R/C

Take a look at these cute little remote controlled racing cars. This tiny Mario Kart is so little that it can be played anywhere. Each kart can be set on their individual channel making it more fun to play with a friend or brother. Your boys will love to have a race with their friends. It has a high-performance remote-control that has complete functions; forward, reverse, left, right, turbo, on/off switch and the best function is channel select option. Your little boy can choose room different characters starting from Mario, Luigi, Yoshi or Donkey Kong. Each cart has a spare tire and a shell. He will be excited to play with this great gift once he sees it.

LEGO Bricks & More Deluxe Brick Box (704 pieces)

I remember playing Lego blocks when I was a kid and I really did enjoy playing it. For sure your boy will love the new Lego designs. This toy is good for four years old and up. Start their own Lego collection. This toy enhances their creativity and motor skills. He can create a lot of things with Lego. His imagination will be the only thing that will limit him to create stuff with these bricks.

This hot toy comes with a tub filled of great assortment of Lego bricks and other parts. It does include a building plate that acts as a base, mini figure to make it feel like a real village or workplace depending on your child’s imagination, some windows and doors, wheels for vehicles and instructions for models and photos that will inspire your child to create models as much as he can. It has a container that allows your child to easily clean it up once he is done playing with it. But I doubt that he will finish right away because for sure he will be busy constructing buildings for hours.

Take-A-Part Vehicle Building Toy Set

This toy package is a great toy for your little boy. It is a 25-piece set of complete toy package. It has 21 vehicle parts, a power screw driver in 3 different bits. The power screw driver requires 2 AA batteries to power it up. This will make him busy for hours of imaginative play alone or with friends. The bolts and screws are chunkier for your child to easily hold it. It has sturdy pieces making the toy last long. Your child will enjoy assembling it and disassemble them to create a new masterpiece. This is a wonderful logic toy for your young man. He learns as he has fun with it.

Neat-Oh! ZipBin Dinosaur Medium Play Set

Neat-Oh is really a neat toy perfect for little boys. It can be a toy storage after playing, it can be folded to save space, and so easy to clean. It only needed to be wiped and its clean again. It has a colorful exterior. Just unzip the bin and it will become a dinosaur island play mat. It comes with two dinosaur toys and recommended for kids ages 3 and up. This gift idea is sturdy, heavy duty, easy to clean surfaces and most of all it is so easy to pack. It has several functions that value your money well. Your child can even cleanup his toys by his own after playing. This is really a must have.

VTech Switch & Go Dinos – Sliver the T-Rex Dinosaur

This is going to be a great toy. It may become one of his favorites. This toy can be switched from a dino to a vehicle mode so easy. It can play 50 sounds and phrases that will make his playing time more fun and interesting. One cool thing about this toy besides switching it from a dino to a vehicle is its eyes can be customized into a dino-mode eye into a driver in a vehicle-mode. It is battery operated and really an awesome gift item for any occasion. This cool looking toy will be loved by your little boy.

Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Binoculars

Let your smart little boy explore the world with these cool looking binoculars. It has a manual interocular that adjusts the lenses to make it easier for your child to see clearly. It also has a rubberized eye pieces and lens covers giving your child a comfortable playing time. He can see far distances using its built-in manual focus. The neck strap on it will give your child the convenience of taking these binoculars anywhere he wants to go.

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