Unique and Creative Baby Shower Gift Ideas!

bay shower gift idea

Giving a baby shower gift to a friend or a family member who will soon be having their baby is like extending your best wishes and congratulations to them. All gifts are special as long as you have your love and best wishes with it. It is the thought that counts; no matter what or how simple your gift is it will mean a lot as long as it came from your heart.

You can make your gifts extra special by making it unique and creative. Looking for baby shower gifts made easy with this list I prepared to give you more idea what to give on a baby shower. These gifts are practical, unique and creative. These gift ideas will surely be remembered and appreciated by both the parent and their new baby.

Baby Aspen My Little Night Owl Snuggle Sack and Cap

Absolutely a creative owl-inspired snuggle sack and cap baby shower gift idea for your friend or a family member who will soon have their new baby! Imagine how cute it will look with an adorable baby wearing it. The newest member of the family will absolutely look gorgeous in this enchanting owl snuggle sack. The inside part of this cute set of snuggle and cap is made from 100% cotton that makes it very comfortable for babies. It is so easy to put on little babies because it has open and close snaps on the shoulder part and zipper at the bottom. This is a lovely baby shower gift to share.

Sassy Newborn Gift Set

Take a look at these colorful toys for babies. New born doesn’t know how to say thank you yet but you will surely see how happy they are playing these cute little toys. This is a 5-piece gift set perfect for babies. This set includes a toy phone that helps little babies interact with the sounds around them and as to imitate their moms as they speak it helps them develop their hearing and inspire them to talk. Another item they will love to use is this teether that has different textures and fabric that encourages babies to explore it, allowing babies to be familiarized with different texture. This gift set also includes colorful rattles that have unique links and shape. Babies are encouraged to shake it as it creates sounds every time they move their hands. It helps develop their motor skills. This is absolutely a wonderful gift for babies. It is practical, useful, creative and a unique way to help babies learn new skills.

Cookids Snail LED Lamp

Cute and lovely lamp light for cute little newborn, that will make their nap time cozy and relaxing. This special and unique lamp light is perfect gift for baby shower. Your soon-to-be-parent friend or family member will love to have this as their baby will surely have a good night sleep with this gift idea. It can be hang on the wall, placed on the table or any flat surface. It will give a comfortable to the baby as he sleeps. It is important for babies to have enough sleep due to sleeping helps them grow healthy and smart. It is available in pink, blue, yellow and plum colors. It is indeed a wonderful baby shower gift.

Vulli So Pure Teether

This gift idea is suitable for babies who are starting to grow teeth. Giving this as a baby shower gift is absolutely a great idea. Soon babies will learn to suck their hands, hold and play things around them. This is a perfect gift for babies because it will help them develop their motor skills and soothes their painful gums as are about to have their first tooth! It is made from natural rubber, BPA and Phthalates free that is guaranteed safe for babies. It is light and so easy for them to grab.

Baby Aspen Bunch O’ Bloomers, Set of 3

If you are looking for a creative baby shower gift well this is the most creative baby bloomers you find. It is made from 100% cotton and looks adorable with its flower inspired design. This gift idea comes in three pairs of bloomers ach has colorful and fun flower on its bum. Babies will look more adorable with these bloomers. They are so comfortable to use and so colorful to look at. It is a nice gift for baby showers because these bloomers are practical, unique and creative. Both parents and their new born will love and enjoy having this gift idea.

Boon Water Bugs Floating Bath Toys with Net

This is a wonderful baby shower gift idea because it does not entertain babies but it also encourages and develops their hand and eye coordination. This gift idea contributes on baby’s development as he grows. This comes with three floating toy bugs and a net that makes bath time fun for babies. Baby shower gifts should be something that babies will love to play with and be entertained, at the same time helps parents in developing their baby’s skills. This is a creative baby shower gift that will help baby develop their motor skills as they grow. It is made from BPA free materials that guarantee baby’s safety.

BabyBjorn Soft Bib 2 Pack

What a unique bib for a lovely baby! This gift idea is the best bib ever. Babies use bibs to keep their shirt clean while they are eating but this soft bib doesn’t just keep the baby’s shirt clean but it also keeps food from scattering on the floor! This is very useful for babies and their parents as well. Babies can eat without staining their shirt and parents can feed their child with less mess. Parents will love to have this gift for their little angel. This gift idea is a practical and unique baby shower gift idea to give.

Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush

You can’t be there all the time as your friend’s new baby or your niece or nephew grows. You can teach them new things or to brush their teeth but this gift idea can be there to help encourage babies to brush their teeth. It is better and safer than toothbrushes made from hard plastic. It is safe for babies to use because this infant training toothbrush is designed to be bendable and soft making baby’s toothbrush time fun and not painful. With this gift idea you help your friend’s baby, your niece or your nephew develops good oral hygiene even at an early age. This is a good way in preventing cavities to form as they grow.

Sassy Seat Doorway Jumper

Where else can you find a seat that will keep babies having fun while learning? This unique seat for babies will make a wonderful baby shower gift idea for both parents and the new baby. It can be attached to framed doorways, a branch or somewhere safe where baby can enjoy playing while on this cute little jumper. It has a unique locking system that will assure the baby’s safety. This jumper seat made even special by these 5 sassy developmental toys that allows them to enhance their learning while playing. One great thing about this jumper set is that it is machine washable where in parents can still have fun with their baby while the washing machine takes care of cleaning up this jumper seat. This is going to be the best baby shower gift ever. Imagine how happy the new baby will be with his new toy!

WubbaNub Giraffe

This baby shower gift idea is my favorite. I like how imaginative and creative the manufacturer has been. I like their idea in creating a design such as this one. Even the parents-to-be will love this gift idea. This will make baby have fun and keep the pacifier in his mouth. This is also cool because the toy attached to this pacifier makes it easy for parents to find it and prevents pacifiers from being lost. The baby’s parents will love this too because it is so easy to clean and keeps the baby entertained and silent while playing! This is the best baby shower gift that the parents and the baby will love.

It is cool to be unique and creative. Giving a unique and creative baby shower gift will make your gift more special and memorable. But what matters most is that you are giving that gift with your love and best wishes for the parents and the new baby. As long as your gift is from your heart, it will be the best baby shower gift ever!

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