Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Dad is the reason why we celebrate Father’s Day. This day is meant to celebrate his great traits as a father and the tradition of gift giving comes in. Dads vary from one another. Some dads are quite easy to please but some dads are just difficult to figure out.

One of a kind dad deserves a one of a kind gift. Surprise your dad on Father’s Day with a special, out of the ordinary gift to suit his uniqueness. We have gathered the top unique gifts from the cyber world. Check out our suggestions below to help you out on your quest.

Brown Paper Bag Style Canvas Lunch Bag

This is a very unique and practical gift for the dad who brings his lunch to work from home. And a dad who packs lunch from home is both healthy and fiscally responsible. This waxed canvas lunch bag is non-toxic and odorless. It is insulated, reusable and made from eco-friendly material. The great thing about this unique lunch bag is that you can simply roll it up for storage, taking up minimal space.

Gillette Heated Razor

For the dad who deserves nothing but the best – the world’s first heated razor. It is like having the luxury of a hot towel shave with every shave. It is completely waterproof so dad can shave both at the sink or in the shower. The heating technology used heats up in less than a second and the temperature can be adjusted.

ThinkGeek Tactical Molle Apron

Some dads are not just king of the remote but are also king of the grill. Grilling takes a lot of tools inorder to help dad out on barbecue days, gift him a tactical tool for all his grilling needs. Gift dad a Tactical Chef Apron to help him get the grilling tools he needs anytime. Grilling field would be more enjoyable with the help of his tactical chef apron that could accommodate all his needed grilling tools. He could save time looking for the tool he needs and no need for him to remember where he placed the spatula since his apron is fully equipped with pockets to accommodate all his storing needs.

GrowlerWerks uKeg Go Carbonated Growler

What better way to spend Father’s Day then to have a day out with Dad on a picnic, campsite or just a relaxing day in the backyard. While enjoying an ice-cold, freshly carbonated beer from the portable U-Keg Go Growler filled with Dad’s favorite craft beer. Here’s hoping he shares it around.

Deluxe Dad BBQ Tools Gift Set

Grilling is what dad likes to do on weekends. He makes the most tasty steaks and barbecues. To add more delight to his grilling prowess, you should gift dad a helpful yet unique tool on Father’s Day. The Deluxe Dad BBQ Tools Gift Set is handsomely crafted of wood and stainless steel. This set consists of the tongs, spatula, sauce brush and scraper, all feature 16” long handles.

Ridge Slim Minimalist Wallet

It is high time that dad trades in his old. thick, fat wallet for a modern slim wallet. Not only does the new Ridge Slim Wallet look really sexy, slim wallets help prevent chronic back pain caused by sitting on a thick wallet placed in a back pocket. What’s more, modern slim wallets like the Ridge Slim come with RFID protection that prevents scammers from stealing sensitive information from RFID enabled credit cards and security access cards.

Stereo Turntable with Vinyl to MP3 Converting/Encoding

He may be old school sometimes because he prefers to listen to his music the old fashioned way through the classic vinyl records. He still uses a turn table but that’s the only way he can enjoy his jam. On Father’s Day, gift dad the best of both worlds and that is the best of his old school world and this new age world. This Stereo Turntable with Vinyl to MP3 Converting/Encoding can play dad’s favorite vinyl records smoothly, the old fashioned way just the way he likes it. The good twist with this turn table is that it has a built in converter to help dad transform his old time vinyl records into MP3 files. Dad can listen to his jam and even play them in any gadget of today’s time once he has converted them into MP3 files should he decide to update himself to the 21st Century.

Craft Beer Brewery Tour

If dad loves beer then he would enjoy this next gift idea. The Craft Beer Tour is a fun way for dad to enjoy booze because he will also know how it is made. He will learn the making process, the difference between different kinds of beer and most especially he will do some tasting like a pro. This tour is a pub crawl with a purpose! He will be guided by a friendly and knowledgeable tour guide. There are 10 different tastings on this tour and dad would love that for sure!

Wild West Ghost Town Tour

Dad loves watching his favorite western flicks. What better thrill for him to experience real life wild west ghost towns where tumbleweeds roll and wild burros roam free. Revel to old tales and live commentary by expert tour guides. Best of all, travel in comfort in comfortable, air-conditioned transportation during the tour. 

Accelerated Freefall

If dad loves the sudden rush and adventure then this would be the perfect nontraditional gift for him. The Accelerated Freefall would definitely give dad the adrenalin rush he always wanted. This is the fastest way to experience the thrill of solo sky diving. In this experience he would jump from 14,000 feet at a speed of up to 120 mph! Rest assured that dad is in good hands since all instructors are certified by the United States Parachute Association. This is an ultimate one of a kind gift for the thrill seeker dad.

Dads do differ from one another and the only one who knows him best is his kid. On Father’s Day, for you to give the best gift for him you need to rate the things that he likes and choose the one that he likes the most. There would be no amount to suffice how much dad loves us but a simple gift to brighten up his day would be a generous act to begin with. Have fun with dad on Father’s Day and make it memorable for many years to come!

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