Gifts to Go: The Best Valentine’s Day Gift Basket for Him

man can gift basket for him

On the Image: Man Can Gift Basket: #6 in Our List

Gift baskets are great gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. Every gift basket is filled with sweet treats and other stuff he can use and enjoy. It is a nice gift idea because he gets a lot of stuff in a single gift basket. This Valentine’s Day, shower him with sweet treats and things to pamper him. Here are some Valentine’s Day gift basket suggestions that he will surely love.

Starbucks Sampler Coffee Gift Box

Sit down and have a relaxing sip of coffee with someone you love. This gift basket is perfect for Valentine’s Day. You can sit down and have a small chat with him while enjoying this great tasting coffee.

He will love to have this gift and spend time with you. This basket is filled of soul–soothing Starbucks coffee you can enjoy at home. Enjoy the flavors of Breakfast Blend, House Blend, Cafe Verona, and Sumatra partnered with a sweet bite of Biscotti biscuit.

Valentine Treats Gift Basket

This Valentine’s Day gift basket is not just an ordinary gift basket. It is filled of special Valentine’s Day treats only for your loved one.

This gift basket has a perfect balance of sweet chocolates and sweet treats that he will love. It is filled with buttery shortbread cookies , Ghirardelli chocolate bar, chocolate fudge coffee, wafers with cream filling, caramel filled chocolates, chocolate truffles, cherry cream chocolate and caramel corn. This gives a perfect balance of sweets and chocolate.

It’s A Guy Thing

Well yes, most of the time we have a hard time shopping for guy stuff. Men are so hard to shop for. Most of the stuff we find end up way too simple and dull. But one safe gift item to give them is snacks.

Men love snacks, and this gift item is just right for them. This is the perfect Valentine gift basket for your man. This great gift basket is filled with unique and tasty snack best for guys who love snacks. This wonderful gift basket includes spicy all beef sausage, smoked summer sausage, bourbon vanilla dessert twists, moist chocolate rum cake and more surprising manly treats. He will enjoy this Valentine gift basket. After all, the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Wild Valentine! Gift Basket with Oversized Plush Ape

This is a cool gift Valentine basket for him. It is full of tasty gourmet food that guys will enjoy. This Valentine gift basket comes with an eye-catching cute plush and sweet treats.

This is a romantic basket filled with chocolate truffles, black forest cookies, English toffee, hand crafted biscotti, chocolate smothered graham, and mint dark chocolates in an elegant canister. He will surely go ape over this gift basket.

Men’s Healthy Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

How about a healthy treat for your Mr. Valentine? It is fun to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a healthy heart. This Valentine gift basket is just right for men who are serious with their health and figure.

A gift basket filled of healthy treats that will surely satisfy his taste buds. He can enjoy eating chips made from dried apples, some Terra chips, pop corn, dark chocolate and other healthy snacks. All these treats are in a handmade basket, perfect for gift giving!

The Man Can

A unique gift basket for your man on Valentine’s Day. This gift basket (well it is a can though) is filled with 100% all natural skin care for men.

This is a made to order gift basket for 100% customer satisfaction. Spoil him with quality skin care products on Valentine’s Day. He will enjoy the lather of Licorice Fisherman’s Scrub soap, be captivated with the wonderful scent of Bay Rum moisturizing body oil, and pamper his hands with Fisherman’s hand lotion and other spa products just for men. This is an ideal gift for him this Valentine’s Day. Show him how much you care for him.

Big Kiss For You Valentine’s Day Care

This gift basket comes with a cute white teddy bear that delivers a big kiss from you to him. It is a gift basket filled with Hershey’s Kisses and other lovely Valentine chocolates and heart treats filled with cream.

This is the sweetest way to send your kisses to your Valentine. This gift idea is so adorable and it will make him miss you more. This cute 8-inch plush toy will be a good substitute in case he wanted to hug you when you are away. Sweet and romantic way to surprise him on Valentine’s Day.

Romantic Nights Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

This is the best gourmet basket made for Valentine’s Day. He will surely love to share this Valentine gift basket with you and enjoy the night together.

This Couple’s Valentine Gift basket is something you and your partner can dig in while spending the night together. Besides the tasty gourmet treats this gift basket also includes daring gifts that will keep your night warm. It includes vanilla musk massage, chocolate body paints, aromatherapy candles, sensual pillow and sheet spray, edible tattoos, massager and other surprising gift items. Both of you will enjoy this Valentine’s Day gift basket.

Romantic Breakfast – Gift Basket for Him

Start his Valentine’s Day with a romantic breakfast gift basket. This gift item is an ideal gift for a husband, boyfriend or partner.

This gift basket is made to order to make sure the manufacturer get what you want right. It comes with a large breakfast tray filled with wonderful assortment of breakfast treat to start up his lovely day. This gift basket has pancake mix, strawberry preserves, breakfast tea, sugar sticks, shortbread cookies, chocolate drink mix, caramel wafers and so much more to dig in. And make sure you are with him to enjoy this wonderful breakfast gift basket together.

Beecause I Love You!

An adorable gift basket just right for Valentine’s Day. This gift idea will surely make him smile on Valentine’s Day. It is a cute and nice way to give him your love on Valentine’s Day.

Instead of a basket, it comes with a red metal pail with wooden handle filled with sweet treats and a “Bee Mine” plush for your sweetie. It is great way to surprise him on this special day. Let him enjoy a treat of yummy chocolate cookies, wafer roll, popcorn, butter toffee candy and something to hug when he misses you. Sweet and adorable Valentine gift basket for him.

All of these Valentine gift baskets in this list are filled with great gifts for him but the best gift you can give him is your true love. Shower him with your love not just on Valentine’s Day but every time you are with him. Make it Valentine’s Day everyday and he will love you more.

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