Four Valentine’s Day Gift Wrapping Ideas to Knock Your Partner Off Their Feet

gift box valentines

When we give gifts we want to surprise the person who will receive it. We wrapped our gifts to conceal what is inside it. Wrapping gifts adds excitement to the recipient. Most of the time, gift wrappers are the most unappreciated part of the gift.

I love wrapping gifts and of course I want my gift to look appealing too. Besides thinking what gift item to give it is also important to think in what way you wanted your gift to be presented. Here are my top three favorite gift wrapping ideas that will surely knock your partner off their feet. They will spare not to ruin the wrapper because they look beautiful and romantic.


Juice Container Love Box

juice container gift box

This wrapping idea looks simple and easy to make. It is indeed a gorgeous wrapping idea, just take a small juice concentrate container, some colorful papers (it will be nice if you have the shiny ones), flowers for accents and some ribbon to add beauty on it. I liked this idea because it is so flexible and so easy to make.

It shows how much love was placed in that gift. A gift wrapped with love is the best gift your loved one can have. Square gift boxes are so yesterday!  This will surely impress the recipient and will truly feel how special he or she is. You can check out Michele Made Me for more gift wrapping and crafts in this website they are so lovely and amazing.


Valentines Paper Bag


I was surprise how this gift wrapping idea turned out. It looks great and romantic. I like things with a vintage look for me they are more romantic than flowers and chocolates. I find this technique so easy to follow. Just get a clean brown paper bags, needle and yarn. Leave the bottom part of the brown bag as is then sew up the sides. Use a decorative stitch to seal the sides, fancy stitches will add beauty to this whole gift wrapping idea. Make sure you leave the top open then seal it by folding the top part and punching two holes on it and seal it with a ribbon. Even my nine-year old son can do this. This will surely be appreciated by the recipient. Your Valentine gift will surely look awesome with this gift wrapping idea. If you still need a guide to make this cute gift wrapping idea check out the steps and procedures at Rusty Rooster Vintage Blog.


Heart Cut Out Gift Wrapping


The sweetest day of the year is about to come! Valentine’s day is a special day to celebrate love not just for your spouse, partner, girlfriend or boyfriend. This day celebrates love for your family and friends too. Make your Valentine gift look special with this gift wrapping idea. I find it cute and attractive. Yet the design is simple but the idea is so rich. This is so easy to make, all you need is a pair of scissors, card stock, pencil or pen, plain wrapping paper depending to what color you like. I think plain colored wrapper suites this wrapping idea well so that the hearts can be seen. Your gift will look stunning with this gift wrapping idea. The instructions on how to create this lovely gift wrap are at The House That Lars Built.


Valentines Gift Cone Wrapping Idea

gift cones 10 a

Find a Stylish way to cover up your gift. Impress your loved one with this gift wrapping style. You just need a piece of paper, puncher, glue and heart cut outs or butterfly accents. This is a unique gift wrapping idea for someone special to you. Your loved one will be delighted to see this gift and even more after opening this gift. This gift wrapping idea is an awesome gift wrapping style to try. For steps and more gift wrapping ideas check out this site at 21 Rosemary Lane.


Be creative and express your love to your special someone on Valentine’s day. Make your gift look stunning with spending a lot. These gift wrapping ideas will knock your special someone off their feet. Giving your effort to wrap your Valentine gift is also a romantic way to express your love for that special person in your heart.


  1. What great ideas…thank you so much for featuring my gift cones. I did post a shout out to your blog on my FB page. Have a great day!
    XO Barbara

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