Valentines Day Gifts: Facts, Figures and Tips (Infographics)


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and lovers would be both busy thinking and looking for the perfect gift for their hearts’ other half.  Gift giving is not a prerequisite on Valentine’s Day, this romantic day for lovers even started as a pagan mating ritual Lupercalia back in ancient Rome.  It then was adapted by Christians in Europe and associated the day with St. Valentine who was beheaded on the 14th of February because of the miracle he performed.  Saint Pope Gelasius I declared February 14 as Valentine’s Day in AD 496 and associated the day with sweethearts.


Here are a Few Known Stats About Valentine’s Day Gifting:

Kathln - Valentine's Day - Gift Facts Infographic

Although it’s not a regular holiday, it has been practiced in Europe, Americas and other countries worldwide.  This holiday for sweethearts then became associated with chocolates, roses, cards or gifts and turned out to be an annual spend fest in mankind.

  • On the average, men spend $130 for Valentine’s Day while the ladies spend about half.
  • Valentine’s Day is very special for every couple around the globe. Since this special event is very dear and meaningful, 11% of marriage proposals happen on Valentine’s Day.
  • The old cliché goes, “it’s the thought that counts” but little do you know that 53% of women would dump their boyfriend if he did not get her anything on Valentine’s Day.  A bit scary, but although it may sound superficial, it’s better to give something to your sweetheart than be empty handed on the big V-day.
  • If both of you are busy on Valentine’s Day due to work or because of prior commitments on that day, you may enjoy celebrating it days after especially if you are broke.   One thing to consider is that Valentine’s Day gifts like candies and plush animals drop by an average of a whopping 50% after Valentine’s Day.
  • 15% of the female population will buy Valentine gifts and send it to themselves on February 14th. Talk about DIY!


Does Your Partner Love Roses?

Kathln - Infographic - The Colors of Love

First and foremost, you need to be very careful because colors have meaning and they are as follows:

Red says “I love you”.  This is perfect for couples who are not yet married, but are steadily dating or are engaged. Do not give red roses to your crush, or you will sound over-eager.

Pink states “I have a crush on you”.  Give this to your crush, to the one you are dating for a only short while. It is romantic, but only in subtle way.

Yellow stands for “You are my friend”. Give this to a single friend! Giving this to a lover means jealousy, betrayal or weakening passion, so avoid this color if you are thinking of giving roses to your wife or girlfriend.

White means “this is eternal love”.  Perfect for your wife. you married her because you love her eternally!

Lastly, Black is given to a person you like the least because black says “I hate you!”

Aside from the colors, it’s also essential to know that roses are best bought when they are ice cold.  Roses lose their life every minute they are outside and not within 32 to 36 degrees in temperature as stated by Christine Boldt who is the executive vice president of the Association of Floral Importers (AFIF).
Broke on Valentine’s Day? Here Are Top Three Ideas Your Love Would Swoon Over

Kathln - Broke on Valentine's Day - Infographic

This day is really looked forward; pairs are boggling their minds off with the thought of finding the unique and outstanding gift to showcase their love and care.  But what if you are on a tight budget?

There are ways on how to please your mate by spending less and we are sharing ways to pull it off.

Is your sweetheart sentimental? Is your other half a romantic and sentimental type?  If your partner is, then you are lucky because you can woe your loved one even if you have few bucks to spare by turning your artist mode on.  Have you kept photos of you as a couple?  How about the tickets of every movie or play you have seen together, were you able to keep them?  These little things would mean a significant present once mended together in a Scrapbook of your relationship.  You can creatively highlight the events of your relationship in this memorabilia and would definitely give your loved one the impression that you have a keen eye for every detail in your lives together and sentimental too.

Are you a hopeless romantic? You can knock your loved one’s feet off by telling a poem or a song which you have made yourself.  The thought of squeezing your brains out to produce a song or a poem especially made for your loved one would melt his or her heart.  You need not to worry that your gift would be stereotyped or would be like the rest anymore.  With your original song or poem, your love would be confessed and would bring warmth and delight to your partner’s heart.

Do you love to cook or bake and would want to surprise your foodie partner on Valentine’s Day? The secret to a man’s heart is through his stomach as the saying goes.  You can use your talents by cooking the favorite foods of your partner on Valentine’s Day.   If you want also to be creative and be in sync with Valentine’s Day, you can also surprise your partner with an entire meal of love themed foods like heart shaped bread, waffles or cakes.  To make it even more fun and interactive, you can try baking together.

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