A Basket of Love: Best Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets for Her

heart and soul on the wild side

On the Image: Heart and S (#1 on List) and On the Wild Side (#7 on List) Gift Baskets for Women

Valentine’s Day is almost here. No need for you to panic if you are a little behind on the gift buying. Giving your loved one a Valentine’s Day gift basket is a very smart idea. If you tend to get a number of treats and gifts to surprise her on this special day, you only need to buy one gift basket and she gets a lot of surprising gift ideas and sweet treats.

Here are my top 10 choices of a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift basket that your loved one will love. They are all romantic and sweet. Feel free to check them out.

Heart and Soul – Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

If she loves gourmet food, this is the gift basket for her. She will fall in love with these great gourmet treats. This gift basket will make a lasting impression of how sweet and romantic you are.

This gift basket includes an elegant large red basket with handles and lid that she can make use of once she has emptied it out, ceramic shoe with an 80 page designer notepad and pen set, European cookies with chocolate coating, creamy peanut butter fudge plus lots more delicious treats. This is such a lovely gift to share.

Romantic Evening

Show her how romantic you can get with this Valentine’s Day gift basket. This gift basket has overflowing romantic gifts from romantic candles to sensual chocolate body frosting to almond butter massage lotion to chocolates.

This gift basket will ignite a sensual and romantic night with her. Enjoy reading a romantic book that comes with this gift basket. All of this great stuff are all in a lovely gold chest that she can be use as keepsake. She will surely have a wonderful Valentine’s eve with you.

Just for Her – Gourmet Food and Spa Gift Basket

What a fabulous gift basket to give her on Valentine’s Day. It is filled with gourmet food elegantly presented in an over-sized basket painted in shimmering gold.

It also comes with a 14” Mommy bear plush with a 12” baby bear plush. They are so cute and cuddly. Besides these cute little bears and gourmet treats it also includes spa body butter and satin eye mask. This gift is perfect for her! I bet she will love this Valentine’s Day gift basket.

Perfectly Pampered Spa

Shower and pamper her with all your love. Give her all these pampering gifts in one basket. A basket full of spa goodies is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her to enjoy. It is like a gift of luxury of a deluxe spa experience in her own bathroom.

She will be surprised with this gift basket. She also get sweet treats like gourmet tea cookies and Belgian chocolate truffles to go along with the spa items. Other items include a manicure groomer, facial cleansing disc, bath gel, body lotion foot soak and more. These goodies are presented in a beautiful walnut stained wooden trunk.

Supreme Tea and Godiva Biscuit Gift Tray

This is no ordinary spa basket. It doesn’t only pamper her skin but takes care of her wellness too.

This Valentine’s Day gift basket pampers her back to her to good health with its luxurious spa products, delicious gourmet treats and gifts. Indulge her with a heavenly scent of green tea bubble bath, smoothen her skin with aromatic body lotion and tempt her with a delicious Godiva chocolate biscuit. This gift basket is a Valentine’s Day gift for someone really special.

Rose Floral Spa Gift Basket

This is a gift basket just right for Valentine’s Day. It has flowers and sweets in a lovely decorated basket. Instead of giving her flowers that wither, give her this floral spa gift basket that will last longer than fresh flowers.

It is a unique gift spa basket because it offers good health and the well being for your loved one. She will enjoy a luxurious spa experience right at home and celebrate Valentine’s Day with gourmet treats. Surprise her with this gift basket filled with Rose Floral bath and body collection products like their fragrant body butter, scented floral bar soap, raised scent shower gel and smoothing body lotion. She will surely love this basket of love.

On The Wild Side

Black and white stripes can be the color of love. Thread a little on the wild side on this Valentine’s Day. Try this cute and unique gift basket. This zebra themed gift basket looks amazing.

It is filled with sweet treats like dark chocolate covered biscotti biscuits, peanut butter fudge, pop corn mixed with chocolate and nuts, coconut chocolate balls, butter cookies and more. All of these sweet treats are in a lovely basket with a zebra bow on top accentuated with red flowers. It is a fabulous gift for your only love.

Gift Basket Village - With Plush

What a cute gift basket. It is perfect for Valentine’s Day. Send her your love with this gift basket that comes with a cute dog plush. It is something she can hug when she misses you.

This romantic gift basket features a cute dog plush surrounded with delicious treats. This gift will melt her heart just like how these sweet treats melts in her mouth. All of these romantic treats come in a lovely basket that will surely impress her. Marvelous gift idea.

Serenity Garden – Luxury Spa Gift Basket

Serenity Garden luxury spa gift basket is a special gift idea for your loved one. She can have a relaxing spa at the comfort of her own home.

This wonderful gift idea features a fabulous embossed metal planter with stand. It is filled with luxurious pampering spa products with classic bath slippers, body sponge, and bamboo massager with strap, scented pillar candle with a stoneware holder, wash cloths and more. This is absolutely a Valentine gift that she will remember and love. This is one great choice for a Valentine’s Day gift.

Sweet & Cuddly – Teddy Gift Basket

This is an all-in-one Valentine’s Day gift basket. With this gift basket, you already have a teddy bear and chocolate to surprise her on Valentine’s Day. It is a cute way to make her smile on this special day. This cute little bear plush is something she can cuddle at night when you are not around to hold her in your arms.

She will love the sweetness of its delicious truffles. This is a simple but cute and romantic treat for her on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is a special day for all lovers. This is a perfect day for you to show her how much love you have for her. Show her you care. It doesn’t matter if you buy her expensive gifts, what matters most is you spending this day with her.

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