Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Mom, The First Woman In Your Life

valentines gifts for mom

Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers. This is a special day to celebrate love not just for your spouse or significant other but also for those whom you love and people who are important to you like your mom.

Do not forget to greet your mom and let her know that she is loved. Send her your love, hugs and kisses on Valentine’s Day. Treat her with a special Valentine’s Day gift. She will truly feel loved with these Valentine’s Day gift suggestions. Check out this list of wonderful Valentine gifts for your mom.

Your mom will love this simple yet cute tote bag. She is your first love and she is the only one who will love you unconditionally.

A tote bag is one of the most versatile bag. They are so practical, simple and easy to use. They are reusable and thus environmentally friendly too. This gift idea can be personalized with your own special message for your mom.

This gift makes a perfect gift for your mom on Valentine’s Day. It is a simple way of letting her know that she is always in your heart.

Infinity Twist Bracelet

Isn’t this a lovely Valentine’s Day gift for your mom? She will surely love this adorable bracelet and its cute twisty design.

This 14K gold bracelet makes a wonderful and memorable gift for your mom. It is a tri-color bracelet that will complement most of her wardrobe. She will fall in love with its romantic style that will make her look elegant while wearing it.

Your mom is special and she deserves to receive a special gift.

If your mom loves coffee then this would be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her. Let her sip her coffee in style. This frosted glass mug is perfect for both cold or hot beverages. She will always be reminded how much you love her every time she drinks from this mug.

The mug is dishwasher and microwave safe. It can be personalize by adding your favorite photo of your mom or the both of you on it. The printing is excellent and your mom will love this gift.

Hershey’s Treat Jar

If you can’t be there to give her a kiss every day, then this gift is a cool gift idea for your mom. This lovely gift will let her feel that you are there every day by showing how sweet you are.

This personalized jar will make her feel special as it is designed exclusively for her. If she loves chocolates then indulge her with things that she loves. If it is something that will make her smile, then do not hesitate to make her happy.

Rosy Red Valentine Mixer Mixed Pack, 3 x 750 mL

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with the first woman you ever loved. Give her three great tasting wines on Valentine’s Day. She will feel absolutely special and adored on Valentine’s Day. This gift set comes with three different flavors of wine.

She will get an NV Besitos red blend California 750 ml, a luscious red blend of syrah and merlot with dense aromas from Bing cherry and Mexican vanilla that perfectly blend to the flavors of sweet plum and light spice.

Your mom will also enjoy a 750 ml bottle of NV Mad Housewife Cabaret Sauvignon which has a taste of ripe cherry and some berries burnished with layers of mocha, black pepper and some sweet preserves.

Lastly, there is also a 750 ml bottle of 2011 Portlandia Pinot Noir that has an excellent taste of sweet strawberry, cherry and a little touch of pipe tobacco.

I Love My Mommy Teddy

Present a cute and lovely surprise to your mom on Valentine’s Day. If you have ever received a plush bear toy from your mom, you can now return a favor. This soft pink plush furry bear is a very cute Valentine gift to give her on this special day.

It will always be there to remind her that you love her and you will always love her although you are no longer her little child. This lovely gift is an 11-inch tall plush bear with bow and t-shirt.

Love for Mom Suncatcher

This hand painted art glass is a charming Valentine gift for your mom. It is a hand painted art piece by Wisconsin Artisans. It has a pink rose design with an inscription that says “Mom, Always know that you are loved”.

This lovely gift is about 7” x 10” and has a silver tone frame that is about ¼ inch wide. This makes a wonderful gift for your mom and just right for Valentine’s Day. It is unique and attractive gift and your mom will certainly be delighted.

Swarovski Austrian Crystal Heart Necklace

Your mom is special and she will always occupy a special place in your heart. Let her remember that with this elegant crystal heart pendant necklace.

This elegant looking necklace has real Swarovski crystals that come with an 18-inch chain and plated with 18k white gold. It comes with a luxurious looking velvet pouch for storing this lovely necklace. This gift will be treasured and loved by your mom.

I Smile Because You Are My Mother Throw

As a mother, I understand how mothers feel when they know how happy and proud you are, to be her child. This cozy throw blanket will not only keep her warm but it will make her feel loved as well. Knowing that you are happy to be her child will definitely make her the happiest mom on Valentine’s Day.

This will make her feel that you are always near her, hugging her and keeping her warm. This throw blanket can be customized by having your own personalized message embroidered on it. It is made from 100% cotton, very comfortable and fantastic Valentine gift for your mom.

First Memories Canvas for Mom

A mother play many roles in our lives, but as we get older we tend to seek their help lesser than we used to. This gift idea will make her feel that she is appreciated.

Show her that she you value her role in your life and that she is important to you even if you no longer seek her help as often now. Make her feel wanted and loved. She will be in tears to see how beautiful this gift is. Make this gift idea memorable and something that you mom will treasure. Give her a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Make more happy memories to keep and rekindle.

Mother’s Diamond Accent Two-Tone Name Ring

I really like this gift idea. It is like a family portrait that your mom can carry with her wherever she goes. Instead of a photo it has names of all her family members engraved on this ring. It looks so gorgeous and elegant with its two tone design.

This is such a sentimental Valentine’s Day gift for your mom that she will surely treasure for the rest of her life. The ring made from sterling silver with gold overlay that gleam with a nice polished finish with genuine diamond for that extra touch of class.

Baby Elephant Ring Holder

An elephant never forgets, and your mom will never forget this gift as well. This Valentine’s Day gift for your mom looks so charming and elegant. It makes a wonderful addition to her room and functions as a ring holder at the same time.

She will love this silver-plated elephant ring holder. It will be easier for her to remember where she puts her ring! This lovely piece of art is a practical gift for your mom. A lovely Valentine’s Day gift idea for a wonderful mom.

Your mother is the very first person who let you feel what love is. She taught you how to love and be loved. She is the only person who will love you without you doing anything special. On Valentine’s Day, grab this chance to let her know how much you love her too.

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