Wedding Gift Ideas for Bride from Groom

Gift for Brife from groom

Marriage is a sacred bond between two individuals united by love and commitment. A wedding day is one of the most important days in our lives. Only few are chosen to settle down and celebrate this joyous occasion so if you are invited to one, you would be lucky enough to witness this very special day. Gift giving is part of the wedding day. It is quite difficult to find the perfect gift for the couple as a guest and sometimes even the groom himself is at loss with finding the perfect gift for his bride. With the wide variety of choices available online, the groom would either have fun choosing or the other way around. Some grooms don’t bother gifting their brides anymore because they find it unnecessary. Apparently, around 45% of grooms think that they have already spent much cash on the wedding so buying their bride a gift can be removed from his to do list. In line with this, the Office of National Statistics says that 45% of marriages end in divorce within ten years. What an uncanny coincidence isn’t it? Although there is no direct link between gifting the bride and not is related with divorce it’s better to go by the tradition and make your bride happy. Always remember, a happy wife means a happy life.

Scrapbook. Get her a sentimental gift and melt her heart on your wedding day. A sentimental gift only proves that you know your bride all too well. It doesn’t hurt to show your sentimental side to your bride on your big day. If you have kept all the receipts, tickets, photos and other memorabilia from your first date to the wedding day then this would be a great hit. Put them all together and make captions and love notes to show her how much you have valued every moment you have been together. Although not all guys are sensitive and sentimental but going out of your comfort zone and trying something out of the ordinary sometimes pay off. This gift idea is most suitable for the sentimental bride. For sure you would give her a deep sigh and would make her teary eyed once she sees your wedding present.

Poem or Song. If you are the groom who is fond of writing poems or songs but haven’t made one yet for the bride then this is the best time to hand her a romantic gift. Putting into writing everything that you would want to say to your beautiful bride would be a charming and bold move. You could include memorable experiences that you had to add some substance to your piece. You would definitely melt the heart of your bride and may put her to tears with this gift.

Handbags. Women love handbags, they like to change bags depending on the occasion or based on their outfit. Most of their budget goes to their shoes, wardrobe and bags. Handbags can sometimes be as expensive as jewelries or even more. Picking the best brand to buy is highly dependent on your bride’s preference and wardrobe. You may get her a Signature Tote bag that she could use every day or a shoulder bag for semi formal occasions or while she’s at work. You may also gift your bride a clutch bag that she could use at your dinner dates or during formal occasions.

Jewelry. Let’s admit it, most women love to receive gifts and most especially jewelries in any occasion it may be but most certainly on her wedding day. Yes, you may already have a wedding band but giving her a nice piece of jewelry to wear during the ceremony would make her look more glamorous and make her feel more loved. A blue stone ring is a perfect example of a jewelry that the beautiful bride can wear on her wedding day. She can wear it on her right hand during the ceremony. A blue stone follows the saying “something blue” in a wedding. This gorgeous 1 carat diamond ring with oval blue sapphire is Kate Middleton inspired ring that would make the blushing bride feel like royalty on her very special day. If the bride’s neck is long and beautiful and is accentuated more because of her wedding dress’ neckline then a gift of a charming necklace would give her a more glamorous look. If you have not got her anything blue yet then you can give the beautiful bride an elegant necklace with a touch of blue. This elegant necklace is made of 14 k gold with a 3.6 carat natural cushion shaped blue topaz. You can even gift both jewelries so that they would be matching with each other. Wearing something blue on a wedding day has never been so sophisticated and breathe taking with these jewelries. These jewelries will definitely make your bride look and feel more special on your wedding day and every time she wears the jewelry, the memories of her beautiful wedding day would be mesmerized vividly.

You may also add a thoughtful touch by giving your bride heirloom jewelry that has belonged to either of your mothers or grandmothers.

Rest. A wedding day is such a beautiful and memorable day for the couple and putting it to completion takes a lot of effort, hard work and organization. The bride is more hands on to the preparations and she might really need to take some well deserved rest after your special day. If your bride loves to be pampered then you can gift her complete spa package and keep the day to her or you may go in tandem with the couples massage. The complete spa package will let your bride to revive and restore her energy from all the exhausting preparations and rehearsals of your wedding day. This complete spa package includes a 60 minute Swedish massage, a pure manicure and pedicure and a 60 minute true facial. She would end up being energized and more beautiful than ever after having her well deserved R and R. If you would like to share the experience of a relaxing massage with your bride then gift her with a couples massage. The couples massage is a way for the two of you to relax and unwind at the same time. Your bride and you can share and enjoy the soothing experience and let your stresses fade away as the therapist work their magic as you both lay side by side. Replenish your bond with one another with this gift of relaxation and rest.

Your wedding gift to your beautiful and loving bride would serve as a token of your affection. Your wedding day is a very special occasion and a cherished moment for your bride that she would carry on for the rest of her life. The wedding day gift that you would select for your future wife should be a gift that comes from the heart. You can incorporate memories, meaningful symbols of your relationship to make your wedding gift perfect and more special to your bride so she could cherish it forever.

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