Wedding Gift Ideas for Groom from Bride

Gifts for Groom from Bride

Falling in love is such a magical feeling full of bliss and hope. To find someone to have and to hold is a wonderful experience in which anyone would be willing to start forever soon. A couple’s journey to forever starts on their wedding day. This day would be a celebration of their love and everyone who is dear to them is invited to witness it. Gift giving is a part of this celebration and not only the guests would give something to the newlywed couple but even the couple can do the exchange of gifts too. A gift doesn’t necessarily be of a certain value or kind. Anything would do as long as you put your heart in preparing for that gift. If you are running out of ideas on what to give to your groom, allow us to show you some gift ideas that might solve your problem. Feel free to browse down below.

If there’s anyone who knows the groom well that would be no other than his bride. The exchange of wedding gifts between the bride and the groom is a symbol of their undying love, faithfulness and commitment to each other. It could be either traditional or nontraditional but either way it should be meaningful for the both of them to keep the bond stronger. For the bride, who thinks a lot of things before, during and after the wedding, thinking about the gift for her groom may be mind boggling but a thoughtful consideration should be employed to avoid remorse in the end. A meaningful gift should be personal so that means, cash, gift certificates and the like should be erased from your list.

Traditional Gifts for the Groom

Traditional gifts are the usual gifts that a bride gives to her groom. It is given either before or after the wedding ceremony. Although, it is a known fact that grooms spend more than a bride and sets no limit for her gift, the bride may either reciprocate or at least go beyond the usual sometimes to emancipate how much you adore your groom or how thankful you are for everything he has done for you especially on your wedding day.

Engraved Watch

If you want to give your groom something that he could use on your wedding day with a touch of romance, you can give him an engraved watch. Your groom is your fortress, your lover, your friend and confidant. He is always there to lend a shoulder, to give you a hug or to dry your tears when the going gets tough. If you would want to summarize everything you would want to say to him and make him remember it then this is the best way to show him how. This stainless steel watch is a fine piece of jewelry that is handcrafted with rich accents of 24K gold plating on the bezel and bracelet, hands and the Roman numeral on top. Aside from its stunning and superb look, this watch has an engraved statement on the reverse side which states: “For the memories of yesterday, For the happiness of today, For the promise of tomorrow. I love you,”. This is an elegant gift with a romantic touch from the bride to her loving groom.

Personalized Money Clip

So your husband to be is an organized freak who wants everything to be in its proper place. If you wish to give a personalized gift to your hubby on your wedding day that would make him remind of you then this would be a great gift idea. This leather personalized money clip is a handy gentleman’s accessory that would keep his money, credit cards and bills in an organized manner. It is sleek and compact which makes it very convenient to be used. No more bulky wallets for your guy after all. You can personalize this money clip by putting three letters on it. You can either put his initials or your initials as a form of remembrance. Bringing this along anywhere he goes would remind him of your thoughtfulness on your wedding day.

Photo Frame

A picture captures the memories and a mere sight of it rekindles an old flame and even the last minute details of the memorable experience become vivid. A photo frame may be too traditional but if you would pick a high quality photo frame like the one which is made from Mahogany, it would surely last for long period of time. Add up some romance to a traditional gift by putting your best couple shot. It may be your favorite wedding photo if you want to give this gift after the ceremony or your photo together during your most memorable trip together, the choice is yours. The bigger the better, this photo frame can accommodate an eleven by fourteen picture with matte or a sixteen by twenty photo without matte. You may have it placed in your living room or your bedroom once you’re settled and let it grace your room.

Story of a Lifetime

The gift which bears meaningful interactions which document memories may be hard to find. This book is not an ordinary journal; it gives the sender and the receiver time to share memories using the right questions. You can pass on your story of a lifetime and share your legacy of wisdom and fond memories to your future family and for more generations to come. Your groom would certainly be touched as he writes down and answer from simple to provocative questions such as “What period of your life did you enjoy the most?” and “What did you feel your greatest contribution to life has been?”. The front cover is customizable and be imprinted with your groom’s name as the author of this book.

Non Traditional Gifts

Are you tired of the boring, traditional gifts for your groom and would want to give him something that he could cherish forever. Memories do not expire or go out of style. Giving a gift of experience or things that he truly appreciates although out of the ordinary gifting tradition would make your present a remarkable one. Below are our gift ideas that your husband to be might like:

Star Wars Automotive Seat Covers

If he is a big fan of Star Wars and you would also want to pimp his ride then this would be the perfect gift idea for you. Pimp his ride by gifting him these Star Wars Seat Covers and if you’ll give him the Stormtroopers kind then you’ll never be worried about him hitting another car!

Wrinkle-free Luggage Carrier

If your husband travels a lot but hates packing up then this would be the best gift for him. All he has to do is to roll of his clothes and presto he’s good to go. Frequent flyers hate folding and ironing clothes all over again afterwards, so this would be the perfect solution. For sure your husband would love you more after handing over this gift. Saving him from the endless folding which results to wrinkles and bulky luggage. Creases and folding would be a thing of the past with the Wrinkle Free Luggage Carrier.

Paintball Adventure

Is your groom a big fan of competitive games? If your husband to be is a playful yet competitive type of guy then this would be a great gift for him. You can challenge him for a paintball adventure or invite some of his friends too. Feeling the rush as you win in a paintball combat is priceless! An epic day with loads of fun would be a great gift for your groom.

Private Balloon Ride for 2

When would be the best time to give your gift to the groom?

If you planned on giving him something to wear on your wedding day then the best time to give it to him is before the wedding day. That is if you can snatch some time during the rehearsals or even few minutes before the ceremony.

If you would give him an item as a keepsake then you can hand it to him after the wedding day. And if you would want to gift him nontraditional gifts like a gift of experience then the best time to give it to him would be after your honeymoon.

Wedding gifts between the bride and the groom don’t follow a rigid guideline or check list nor did it cost a certain value. Any monetary value can’t suffice a gift which comes from the heart. The greatest gift of all will be your love and commitment to each other and to fulfill your wedding vows until the end of time.

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