The Best Wedding Gift Ideas for the Groom

gifts for the groom

Wedding days are one of the happiest occasions not only for the bride and groom but also for the attendees. The celebration of love and happy thoughts is so overwhelming that everyone is smiling ear to ear. Finding the groom a gift on his wedding day may be a challenging task whether you are his wife to be or if you are his friend or relative. However, with some thought and mind boggling consideration of the groom’s interests and conversation with the bride and thorough examination of gift registry, finding a groom friendly gift is not impossible.

There are a lot of gift ideas available in the market, from barbecuing items, outdoor gifts or sports-related products are gifts that are likely to be well-received by the groom. If he is resistant to giving you any ideas, tell him about some options you noticed on the gift registry and ask him if he would enjoy those items as gifts. If the groom has a favorite athletic team or a favorite sport, any gift bearing a logo or pictures of the sport would be perfect. Many grooms are gadget junkies and enjoy the latest gifts of technology. All grooms will also be appreciative of a gift of money. From all the options available, the groom would definitely get the same gift for several pairs and you don’t want your present to be counted just like one. If you don’t want a mainstream gift and would want it to be out of the ordinary, you need to look closely and see the list below. If you are his bride, make this gift as a sign of your love and affection and make this special gift a very wonderful and memorable gift that he could cherish forever. Although the gift’s sentimental value is considered than the monetary value, your gift should be timeless and of good quality so that it will not go out of style a couple of years down the line.

We have carefully handpicked the following gift ideas for the groom whether you’ll be the groom’s friend or the bride to be. Browse down below and be guided accordingly.

The Groom’s Instruction Manual

Who said that life doesn’t come with an instruction manual? This book contains guidelines, do’s and don’ts, explanations and a lot more. The author of this book, Shandon Fowler, was once a groom himself who had five hundred guests at his wedding. He shared his survival tips on his wedding day on this book that would definitely of great help to the groom to be. Even the guy who doesn’t like to read much would appreciate this book because it takes the serious concept to a humorous context unlike any other wedding type style books. It has a lot of pictures that would boost the groom’s ego and let absorb what he is getting into in a comical way. This is an ideal gift for your groom to be or for your friend who will take the plunge soon.


Groomology outlines the traditional groom’s duties but goes a step further to instruct grooms in the art of getting involved. Grooms will learn the strategies to make the bride happy, which includes helpful resources, guide to bridal party responsibilities and etiquette, tips on hiring vendors, wedding statistics, and more. Groomology is surefire way to keep couples happy throughout the tedious planning process. It also comes with bonus features like 100 romantic ways to reduce planning stress. The author of the book is Michael Essany, hosts a self titled show at Entertainment Television. He is a recent groom himself and came up with this because he saw how an intelligent guide is crucial for every couple who is planning to tie the knot soon.

Fighter Pilot for a Day

Wedding preparations could be nerve wrecking not only for the bride but also for the groom of course. To help the groom alleviate some of his tensions and apprehensions, why not give him a gift of thrill and action and let him be a fighter pilot for a day. Help him grant one of his bucket lists in life and let him enjoy his top guns dreams just for a day. Let the groom cool off some wedding tensions through rolls, dog fighting and soaring through the air. The instructors are mostly ex-military and most of them came from prestigious flight training schools in the armed forces so you’ll be rest assured that the groom would be in good hands. This is an ideal gift for the groom is a thrill seeker and adventure lover or maybe for a worry freak groom who needs to release some hot air just for once.

Race Car Driving Experience

A gift of speed is very ideal for a groom who is a racing enthusiast. Not only a racing enthusiast would enjoy this gift but any groom who would love to drive fast and feel the speed. Fulfill his great desire of becoming a race care drive even just for a day. This racing experience is available nationwide with a variety of racing types to choose from. This includes Indy car racing, Formula racing, Ferrari racing, Corvette racing, Dragster racing, Spec car racing, Stock car racing, Lamborghini racing and a lot more. The groom to be would definitely never forget your gift.

Carved Heart Art Canvas

If you are looking for a personalized for the groom, then this one would be a gorgeous gift not only for him but for both of them. This is a unique and customized keepsake that would capture the romantic notion of the newlywed couple in a rustic art. Since the beginning of time, couples have been carving their names into trees to symbolize their eternal love. Any names are carved up to nine characters each that are joined by a plus sign. The couple’s big date is also added. The photo may be delivered as framed or unframed in three sizes to choose from such as 11’Lx14W, 16”Lx20W or 18”Lx24”W. This would be a very romantic addition to the newly wed’s indoor decoration at home. This is certainly a heartfelt and sentimental present rolled into one.

Red Baron Thrill Ride for 2

Let the groom celebrate your gift with his loving bride. Gift him this thrill ride for 2 and let the newlyweds enjoy and marvel at the magnificent views of Mission Bay, Del Mar, Torrey Pines, La Jolla, Sea World and more. Let them feel the wind brushed in their faces as they speed down the runway and lift off into the clear blue sky. This red baron is a meticulously restored 1920’s airplane which can do different maneuvers such as wifferdills, chandelles and lazy eights. The flight lasts for 60 minutes and each flight can be thrilling like a roller coaster ride or as gentle as a cradle being rocked, it mainly depends on what the couple wants and the pilot would do as they please. The bride and the groom can fly over beaches, golf courses, vineyards, inland over lakes and many more. This gift comes with a free personalized gift pack. It also has no expiration dates, can be bought now and booked later with free returns and exchanges. This is Travel Channel’s number one pick. Over 100,000 passengers have enjoyed this ride since 1994.

Dinner Cruise

Make the newlyweds fall in love over and over again with a romantic dinner date in a cruise. The sights and sounds of the bay would enhance the romantic ambiance and escalate the feeling of cloud nine between the two. A three course meal is freshly prepared by the chef as they enjoy together the mesmerizing views under a canopy of stars. Aside from the scrumptious dinner while at the cruise, the couple can dance in the tune of jazz and other dance hits of the 40’s through the present. The cruise company has been running this for over 30 years which assures you that the couple is in good hands. Cruises go all year round from 7 pm to 10 pm. This gift has no expiration dates and comes with a free personalized gift pack. It comes with free returns and exchanges with a buy now, book later policy. Let the bride and the groom enjoy their romantic evening on this very endearing dinner cruise.

Battle Mug

If you are looking for a unique, one of a kind and a brow raiser gift for the groom then your search is over. This battle mug is ideal for your military enthusiast groom who prefers bad ass items. A groom with a strong personality would enjoy this one of a kind gift. This mug is made from 6061 T6 billet aluminum which weighs 13.5 pounds. It is built to military specifications which features a M1913 rail interface system. This system allows the user to mount laser device, holographic sight, bayonet and tactical light especially during high risk operations. An M4 carry handle is also included. Each Battle Mug is individually serialized with Mil Spec Type III anodizing and crenelated base. The bottom of the mug can be engraved with the name of the user or his favorite solider. It is a good tool to be used against zombies, drug lords and most especially to hold 24 ounces of his favorite frosty beverage. Glorify the groom’s courage in bringing his relationship to the next level and by conquering his fears of ending his game of dating spree. Make him feel more manly and bad ass with the Battle Mug.

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