What to Give Your Friends on St. Patrick’s Day?


The green, cheerful day of St. Patrick is a celebration of culture and heritage.  This festivity is not a federal holiday in the United States but it is largely participated to celebrate Irish-American culture.  It is a fun day of alcoholic drinks and food dyed in green.  Even the water is dyed in green in public places; a perfect example of such is when the Chicago River was dyed in green in 2005 in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day.

St. Patrick’s Day is not a popular gifting holiday but it would be really thoughtful to gift a friend of Irish heritage or an Irish by heart on this special day.  We’ve picked out the top five gift ideas for St. Patrick’s Day from edible green food to cuddly plushes that would surely make this occasion a special one.



Shamrock Shaped Food

Shamrock is one traditional symbol of St. Patrick’s Day.  It is the popular name of any three leafed clover plant in Ireland.  The shamrock is Ireland’s chosen national emblem because St. Patrick used this to illustrate the significance of The Holy Trinity.  The Holy Trinity demonstrates that God is one entity with three personas.  St. Patrick used the shamrock to show his parishioners that God is really three in one.

The Shamrock is considered as a symbol of good luck for the Irish people since the earliest times and up to this moment, many other nationalities also believe on this.

Spice up your St. Patrick’s Day party with these Shamrock shaped food ideas that are easy to prepare.

  • St. Patrick Ice Cream Jello Cake. The ingredients for this simple recipe are cream cheese, heavy whipping cream, sugar and green jello.  The procedure is same as making your old ice cream cake; the only difference is using shamrock cookie cutter.  This delicious dessert would be a surefire hit on your St. Paddy’s party especially for the kids and of course the kids at heart.
  • Shamrock tortilla chips. You can use Shamrock cookie cutter to cut your spinach flavored tortilla to make shamrock tortilla chips.  This is ideal for flavorful dips that everyone would enjoy.  Shamrock tortilla chips are easy to make and perfect for St. Patrick’s Day parties.
  • Lucky Spinach Quiche. An adaptable dish that blends the tastes of each ingredient, with its clover form, you would be really lucky to serve and eat these taste bud ticklers on your St. Patrick’s party.


Jade Jewelry

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, you can wow your better half with an exquisite gift of Jade.  Jade jewelry is quite popular for both amateur and souvenir hunters around the globe. With its natural green color, this jewel snuggly fits the occasion.  For good luck and well wishes, jade jewelries would charm your special someone on St. Patrick’s Day.

It is a bit pricey and the jade market is now flooded with imitation jade so be careful in your buying spree and do your research first.

To help you out on testing the authenticity of the jade you are eying for, you may see this article in Wikihow.


Personalized Beer Mug

St. Patrick’s Day is fun filled, whimsical celebration marked by shamrocks, green, whiskey and booze.  The concept of alcohol drinking on St. Patrick’s Day came from an Irish legend.  It stated that St. Patrick was served with a half full glass of whiskey in a hostelry.  He then taught the innkeeper about generosity and told him that his dishonesty feeds a devil which resides on his inn.  In order to banish this monstrous devil, the innkeeper should change his ways.  When St. Patrick returned to this hostelry, he found that the innkeeper generously filled the patron’s glasses to overflowing. The generosity banished the devil and he then proclaimed that everyone should practice generosity on his feast day.  This custom became known as Patrick’s Pot or Pota Phadraig which is drowning the shamrock before downing the shot.

You can gift your beer buddy this personalized beer mug and both of you would be lucky and celebrate the Irish pride.


Leprechaun Plush

Leprechaun or luchorpan in Irish means little body.  It is an Irish fairy who is small but looks like an old man that is often dressed like a shoemaker.  Legends say that a leprechaun lives alone, unfriendly and makes shoes to pass the time.  An interesting part of the legend tells that this tiny creature hid gold.  Treasure hunters can track a leprechaun by the sound of his hammer.  If he is caught, he can be threatened to tell where his treasure is but detainer’s eyes should be nailed on him every second because it is very tricky and vanishes easily.

Relive the treasure hunt legend and gift your buddy a leprechaun plush that could be cuddled and be played with especially on St. Patrick’s Day.  You can also add some pot of gold coins to your gift along with this small fellow to imbibe the legend.


Kiss Me, I’m Irish Green Shirt

One of the most popular gifts on St. Patrick’s Day is this kind of tee.  Aren’t you curious why this tag line is so popular that even in The Simpsons, you would hear an Irish character say “Kiss Me, I’m Irish”.  It all started with a legend in Ireland that says if you kiss the Blarney Stone, you would be lucky and if you kissed someone who already kissed the lucky stone then you’re luck would come soon.  In addition, the Irish people are also known for being straightforward and voice their thoughts out easily.

Gifting this green tee would bring your recipient good luck and more kisses when worn on St. Patrick’s Day. You can get one here.

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